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Shopping Resale is the New Luxury Recycling

Resale boutiques can be a treasure trove of finds, if you know how to navigate their selections

What can be better for the future of our planet than recycling? Recycling fashion is one of the most satisfying acts of sustainability according to Vivienne Westwood who says, “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”  Call it eco-fashion if you like, it just makes sense if you can shop resale and find hidden treasures. There are many places to buy resale online: The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective and Poshmark to name a few, but when you shop locally and find treasures to be cherished as a staple in your wardrobe, then you hit the jackpot! There are many shops in Alpharetta for finding these amazing items if you shop with an open mind.

Drake’s Closet on South Main Street is one such space where shoppers can find luxury goods with big-name labels, or no-name pieces that spark joy in your collection. Shopping to benefit the Drake House is an added bonus at this boutique. Helping homeless women and children through your purchase is an incredible way to fashionably give back. When you do a closet cleanout to make room for your resale purchases, remember Drake’s Closet in Alpharetta will take donations at any time. An important thing to remember when exploring resale boutiques is to be open-minded when you shop, knowing that your alteration professional can be your best friend. The Red Mannequin just down the street is a wonderful place to take pieces to have them altered to fit you. Certain items can be changed to make a larger waistband or longer sleeve, as well as taken in to fit your silhouette perfectly. Shop by feel - when you see a rack of sweaters, feel for the cashmere pieces. Blazers and jackets are always a good find. Look for a classic that you can wear again and again. A statement handbag does not have to be brand new, (of course that big orange box is always a treat) but resale has more selection if you know where to look.

Designer Consigner on North Main Street has a great instagram account @designerconsigner where they frequently post some of the luxury leather goods that come through the store. Act fast because they often sell as soon as they are posted! Visiting the store is a treat with its organized racks by size and color and color-coded price tags with potential discounts based on date. As their website says, “Designer Consigner is more than just a store, it is a place for women to gather, to find great deals, laugh, and encourage one another to feel fabulous.” What could be more fabulous and also pleasing to your pocketbook?

  • The luxury rack at Designer Consigner
  • Jewelry at Designer Consigner
  • A moto jacket and pleated skirt will take you anywhere
  • The many options for shoes can transform an outfit
  • Sometimes a straw hat will transform an outfit