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Show Off Your Smile!

A neighborhood practice offering personalized and experienced dental care

Dr. Sam LaChance, now in his 15th year of dentistry, knew he wanted to be a dentist by the age of 17. “I wanted to do something in healthcare and I liked the art of dentistry,” he says. “I also felt it was conducive to my personality.”

In 2019, he left a large group practice to open Greenway Dental. “I like the smaller team size, and it’s just a more intimate atmosphere,” says Dr. LaChance. “I have two dental hygienists and I’m the dentist, so it's predictable, which I think people find reassuring. Our patients know who they're seeing every single time and I think that makes a huge difference.”

When patients walk into Greenway Dental, instead of a cold, clinical space, they’ll find a cozy, modern office with lots of greenery and local artwork hanging on the walls. “I like to support the community and the local artists in this area, and it helps it not feel like a stereotypical dental office.”

Patients will also be greeted by his friendly front desk staff. “Unfortunately, because of COVID, we've had to get away from some amenities such as offering a cup of coffee, but we are starting to bring back some of the nice calming extras such as essential oils.” He says he sees a lot of anxious patients and has developed a reputation over the years of being a kind and calming presence.

His approach to patient care is one of clarity and transparency and before he performs any procedures, he holds a no-cost meeting with patients. “I think it's important for patients to know that they're listened to and not just talked to and told what they need. I sit down and spend time with them.

“There's nothing worse than a patient having a procedure and then going to the front desk and not realizing exactly what they had done or how much it costs. So, I try to be very upfront with them about any work they may need to get them healthy, how much it will cost, and if they have insurance, how that may play into it. It's a trust thing. Patients know they can come in and feel well taken care of.”

After a patient has a procedure, Dr. LaChance follows up with a phone call to make sure they’re feeling okay, so the care doesn’t end once the patient pays the bill and walks out the door. “I like to check up on my patients a lot,” he says. “The idea of a dental practice to me is that you give patients a good experience and then they’ll want to come back.”

Since Greenway Dental is a family practice, people of all ages are welcome. And almost all dental procedures, such as implants, root canals, crowns or bridges can be done right in the office. Dr. LaChance also performs oral surgery. “I have a lot of patients who are surprised by that, and they’re glad they don't have to go to another clinic.”

Since oral health is so important, he focuses on comprehensive care with his patients. “Oral health is kind of the beginning of all of our health,” he says. “So, before we talk about whitening or veneers or anything cosmetic, we have to look at the health of the bone and the gum tissue and look for things like decay and cracked teeth. It starts with the foundation, so we have to take care of health first before doing the fun aesthetic stuff.”

After performing aesthetic procedures, it always makes him happy when patients come in and tell him they smile with their teeth again. “Many actively hide their smiles because they're not proud of them and haven't been for years,” says Dr. LaChance. “We can do something about that. We can make you smile again so you can show your teeth.”

With his dental philosophy, it’s no wonder Dr. LaChance has been named one of Minneapolis's Top Dentists. “I’m rated by my peers, which I think is awesome,” he says. “I know a lot of dentists and it feels pretty great to know that they believe I'm a trusted clinician in the community.” He also volunteers his time to worthy causes such as Give Kids a Smile, Mission of Mercy, and the Hope Dental Clinic.

Dr. LaChance really loves the location in which he has chosen to practice his craft. “I like the idea of being a part of a community, being a part of the Whittier neighborhood. It's a very lively, energetic area and it’s been fun to get to know my neighbors and local businesses. There’s a lot of camaraderie here.”

To find out more about Dr. LaChance and Greenway Dental, go to 2309 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis. (612) 424-6850.