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Shred the Slopes

It’s now easier than ever to try any winter sport

Christian Jorgensen, owner of Mountain Rentals, has some sage advice for those looking to try some radical winter sports, “Do it!” His business, Mountain Rentals, makes it easy and affordable to try skiing, snowboarding, and even biking, with their Sno-Go bikes. 

Mountain Rentals has been a part of the Northern Colorado landscape for more than 40 years, which is interesting because it’s not exactly next to a ski area or resort. Until this year that is. Forget the I-70 traffic, there’s a new spot in town and it’s perfect for beginners and families. Mountain Rentals has partnered with Hoedown Hill to make accessing winter sports easier than ever! 

Hoedown Hill is opening in Windsor and will feature three magic carpets to take skiers and snowboarders up the hill. Complete with ski school, Hoedown Hill is sure to be the most welcoming ski area for all skill levels. It’s a spot Jorgensen recommends for anyone new to winter sports.  

“Winter sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” he says. Jorgensen encourages anyone interested in trying skiing, snowboarding, or Sno-Go ski bikes, to come to Mountain Rentals to get high-quality gear, at an affordable price, and start shredding.  

With many memories of times on the slopes and hitting extreme spots in Colorado, like Mary Jane at Winter Park, Jorgensen thinks the best experiences aren’t necessarily the most radical ones. “I honestly think my most memorable moments are happening now,” says Jorgensen, “Being able to ski and snowboard with my kids is the best thing ever.”

With only minutes in the car, instead of hours, it’s easy to stop by Mountain Rentals with the whole family, get all your gear, and then hit the slopes of Hoedown Hill. Winter sports have never been so accessible, easy, and affordable. Take Jorgensen's advice and get out there this winter!  

“I honestly think my most memorable moments are happening now. Being able to ski and snowboard with my kids is the best thing ever.” - Christian Jorgensen 

  • Christian Jorgensen, owner of Mountain Rentals