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Kid-friendly Activities for Preschoolers to Young Adults

From scaling walls to expressing themselves through dance, children in Lawrence have many exciting activities to explore. Tour some of our town's popular spots offering unique opportunities for your child to build skills, friendships, and memories.

Climbing Wall

If you've ever watched a child at play, you know they're natural climbers, whether it's scaling the furniture or climbing trees in the park. A place like Climb Lawrence capitalizes on this intrinsic ability to foster confidence, community, and exercise in a fun-filled, energetic environment. Children as young as four can learn grips and foot holds on the climbing wall, with the difficulty level increasing to match their age and skills. Climbing also builds a community of young people motivated by conquering the wall, not competition.


Perhaps the number one reason running around and kicking a ball is one of the most popular sports for kids is that everyone can play. Sporting Kaw Valley soccer club has programs for kids as young as three. The Coed Recreational League for kids from kindergarten to fourth grade is popular because the emphasis is on enjoyment and active participation. All teams are formed to ensure equal representation of genders and ages to keep things fair and balanced. And there's no need for tryouts - all are welcome.

Batting Cage

For kids who like stepping up to the plate, watch their faces light up in a batting cage. Places such as D-Bat Lawrence serve young ball players from age three on up. The indoor, automated pitching machines throw out both baseballs and softballs at speeds ranging from 35 to a thrilling 70 mph, ready to challenge and develop skills at every level.


For kids attracted to the arts, dance is the perfect way to burn off excess energy. Studios like Sunflower State Dance have classes in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, modern and tap—something for every interest.

The studio dances to a different beat, promoting age-appropriate and family-friendly dance styles catering to children ages 2 to 18. From the first hop and skip of a 2-year-old to the confident pirouette of a teen, their play-based learning strategy ensures that every twirl and step is more than just a move—it's an experience. The studio's vibrant atmosphere buzzes with the energy of young dancers exploring the world through rhythm and movement.

At Sunflower State Dance, the goal is to ignite passion and stir the imagination. Children learn to tell the essence of a story through dance. It's not about the perfect moves. It's about the journey of self-expression.

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