Silhouette by Alexis

Meet the woman who taught us how to breathe.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis in downtown Tribecca where she showed me her glowing personality.  We talked and walked while learning about her struggles with scoliosis. This is what I learned about her... 

1. Please introduce yourself: My name is Alexis Sweeney, I am the creator and founder of the Silhouette™ by Alexis Platform which encompasses a global virtual studio and on-demand APP.

2. What is Silhouette by Alexis? The Silhouette Method teaches you how to initiate every move from your abdominals and fuel it with your breath to build your strongest Silhouette ever while alleviating tension and stress throughout your body. Low-impact yet high-intensity, the platform offers versatility, mindfulness, and a new understanding of how to make the most of your time and take your workouts much deeper right from home. The formats include Deep Pilates Flows, Barre Sculpt, Power Dance Cardio, and Sil Stripped (no music, deep Pilates + breathing exercises).

3. How many gyms in Manhattan are you teaching at and what types of classes?

I launched a new partnership with Equinox in October 2023 in the NYC region and am currently teaching the signature Silhouette™ Barre Sculpt class at 10 different Equinox locations. That is the only place to catch me consistently in person, however, we teach Live Virtual classes in the Live Zoom Studio 6 days a week as well. A few times a year I throw special in-person community events throughout Manhattan.

4. Explain breath work and how it changes the body…does it help the mind too?

Absolutely! Not only does the practice of diaphragmatic breathing help you to connect to your deepest core muscles, but it also allows you to calm the nervous system and "enter your zone" as I say. These routines are meant to empower you from the inside out, strengthening you both mentally AND physically.

5. What was it like having scoliosis? How did you overcome this challenge?

Looking back here now many years later I am proud of it! But at the time it was a struggle for sure. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I was surviving, and not thriving. It wasn't until I started to LOVE working out and learning my body and helping so many others to do the same that I decided to celebrate what makes us unique, instead of hiding it. You'll often hear me say, "No 2 silhouettes are the same" and I want to celebrate that!

6. If you could give yourself a younger version any advice what would it be?

I wish I knew I didn't have to "torture" myself to look and feel my best. The Silhouette perspective is that tuning into your body is a gift, and it should always feel that way. It's a moment of self-love and self-respect. I developed severe body dysmorphia at a young age, hating what was reflected in the mirror. I wish I knew there was a way to actually enjoy elevating your heart rate, challenging your balance + strength + flexibility all at once. I wish I learned to love what makes me unique instead of trying so hard to look like everyone else.

7. What do you love about Manhattan?

This city inspires me! I grew up in Southern California and so the drastic shift of energy in NYC has always called my name. 

8. We understand you have an app?

There are over 400+ of the best low-impact high-intensity workouts filmed all over the world, accessible anywhere. The app is streaming in over 14 countries worldwide. Some of the categories include Barre Sculpt, Deep Pilates Flows, Prenatal, Travel, Filter by time (10/20/30/40 minutes), filter by muscle group, programs, challenges, a virtual retreat, plus a weekly schedule made for you by me. The platform also offers the Live Zoom Studio offering weekly classes.

"I wish I knew there was a way to actually enjoy elevating your heart rate, challenging your balance + strength + flexibility all at once."

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