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From Lindsay Trudell

Lindsay Trudell; a beauty enthusiast, beauty entrepreneur. Permanent makeup artist and brow/lash artist. Lindsay offers a range of beauty services to make your look effortless, especially in times like these. 

All of her services compliment one another. 

Instagram: @humblebeautyxx

Facebook business: humblebeautyxx

Hours; by appointment only

Mon: 9:30a-2p 

Tues: 9:30a-2p

Wed: 9:30a-7p

Thurs: 9:30a-2p

Fri: 9:30a-2p

Sat: 10a-3p

Eyelash extensions:

Price-$200 for classic set (very natural and wispy)

$275 for volume/hybrid (full/dramatic)

Eyelash extensions are perfect for any and all occasions; offering an eye opening look. 

Full set: 1 1/2

Fill ins: 45min- 1 hour ($65+ every two weeks) 

Brow lamination:

One of the newest services added to our specialty list, a keratin based product that lifts and smoothes brow hairs; correcting symmetry and fullness. This is a trendsetting treatment. Who doesn’t want full brows? Great stepping stone into Microblading or a stand alone treatment. 

Healing: No healing required

Price: $100 lasts 6-8 weeks 

Timing: 1 hour 


Lindsays #1 high in demand service. A semi permanent makeup service which mimics real brow hairs. Lindsay perfects symmetry and knows the exact shape and color to go with each individual based on their daily lives, wants and needs, face shape and skin type. Her expertise is unrivaled and uses no stencil like templates. She uses a free hand technique which stimulates hair growth and gives clients confidence. A tiny blade inserts water based pigment into the dermis which over one week of healing, turns into a softer, fuller, natural looking brow. Touch up is 4-6 weeks after. Then once or twice a year for maintenance. This service is buildable and can go darker or thicker if the client desires. Price: $500 

Touch up: $100

Healing: 1 week

Timing: 2 hours (Touch ups 1 hour)

Lip Blush:

A permanent makeup service which uses tiny micro pigments inserted into the lips to create symmetry and a “blushed” look. As we age, we lose collagen and our vermillion line slowly disappears, especially if we are treated with fillers. Lip blushing corrects these areas giving your lips a more youthful, juicy pout. 

Price: $550 

Healing: 7-10 days 

Timing: 2 hours 

Eyelash enhancement:

Do you remember eyeliner tattoo?! This is a new and improved, more natural version. Tiny micro pigments of brow or black pigment are inserted into our upper lash line in between our top lashes, creating a dense “lash line” look, it is quite the enhancement. It creates the illusion of fullness within your top lashes. 

After you receive this treatment you must wait two weeks for eyelash extensions. You can even receive this treatment on your lunch break! 

Healing: 1 week 

Price: $400

Timing: 35-45 minutes 

Lindsay strives for natural results. She wants people to say “Wow, you look amazing” but she doesn’t want them to pin point that you had something done. She wants you to wake up and be ready and feel beautiful! She not only creates natural looks, she also uses cruelty free and vegan products. Humble beauty is her business title because she feels it is important to be humble in the beauty industry. She wants you to feel confident and beautiful.

Located in the Village of Grosse Pointe, you can find Chez Loulou Salon at 16900 Kercheval Avenue.  For more information, please call 313.647.0525 or visit them at

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