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Photo by Marlee Drake

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Simple Changes for your NEST

Taking Your Bedroom from Everyday to Holiday

Article by Rachel Bennett

Photography by Valerie Music

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

The holiday season is my favorite season for obvious reasons—cooler temperatures, comfort food and a general change of atmosphere everywhere you go. I also cherish the loved ones I spend these special moments with. The holidays are a time to surround yourself with those you care about. For some, the thought of having overnight guests can bring stress, but Marlee Drake and Sara Ivey from Eagle's The NEST prove how easy (and inexpensive) it can be to transform a bedroom from everyday to holiday. 


Don't think you have to make changes on a grand scale to give your guests a holiday feel. Try doing a couple (or all) of the following:

-Change a few key items in a room, not the whole space.

-Try a new quilt or comforter on a bed.

-Get a few accent pillows that tie in with the season or holiday.

-Change lampshades.

-Add accessories!


Making changes doesn't have to—and shouldn't be—cost-prohibitive. Whatever your budget is, there are options. For a unique feel, go vintage with some of your choices. Finding accessories or throw pillows at consignment or antique shops will yield one of a kind look.

-Bedding, $150-200

-Pillows, $29-40

-Lamps, $60-100

The NEST on the corner of Eagle and Chinden is a great place for ideas on transforming any space. Visit their Christmas open house and pick up some unique pieces to give your space some fresh style. 

TIP 1. Lampshades are an easy and fun way to change the feel and look of any space. Going from a neutral color to a bold pop or pattern is a quick and cost-effective way to start your change

TIP 2. Adding a throw to the end of a bed or the back of a chair requires little effort but can have a big effect. If you want to keep your prints and colors otherwise subtle, you can use this smaller piece to really be loud and bold and fun. 

TIP 3. Bring in some new and mix it with some old. Check out estate sales or second-hand shops for little vintage pieces. An antique Santa or decorative vintage candy dish paired with a new mini Christmas tree or picture is perfect.

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