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We’re all guilty of letting our homes become cluttered and disorganized. Take me, for example. Perfect though I am, I still own a T-shirt with stains on it from ice cream I ate during middle school, and I have to open drawers at random until I find my can opener. “If only there were a better way,” I lament to my poor dog as he looks at me with equal parts hunger and judgment. “If only someone could make sense of this mess!”

Turns out there is: Madi Horack and Amber Sievers, the founders of Simple Home! They provide expert in-home organization services. They make moving easy as pie whether you’re relocating across town or cross country. They ensure newly renovated and constructed homes feature optimal functional storage. They are even available for virtual consultation. If you have ever wished to simplify your home life, Simple Home is all you need.

“I only discovered I wanted to work in the home interior industry after spending four years in college not studying the home interior industry,” said Madi. “I was looking for any way to break into the industry when my Aunt Paige and Uncle Jason told me about the home organizing company they had recently hired. They told me I should look into it. I did, and I loved what I saw.

“After spending a summer interning for the same company my aunt and uncle hired, I grew to love home organization even more. Being welcomed into people’s homes, fostering meaningful relationships with them, and creating positive and long-lasting impacts on their lives – plus organizing? I had truly found my calling.

"I moved from my hometown of Chillicothe, IL (which you probably haven’t heard of and would be correct to assume is too small to support a home organization business) because my partner had to relocate for work – but that also meant I could finally find my dream job in Minneapolis. That’s where I became friends with my co-worker Amber, who would later become my business partner when we founded Simple Home together. Now we follow our passion in Eden Prairie and the rest of the Twin Cities metro.

“No home organization project begins before we have a consultation with our client. We want to know you as well as we can: your lifestyle, your goals, and how you make decisions. We want to know which door you exit when you leave for work in the morning. We even want to know whether you’re right- or left-handed! It’s the only way we can put everything in its most logical place, so you’ll always find just what you need with zero thought or worry.

“Next we take measurements of your space, research which bins, baskets, turntables, drawer dividers and other organizing products would suit it best, and set to work customizing our plan for your home. Once you’ve approved our proposal, we return to your home to sort and categorize all of its contents. We set aside any items we suspect are old or unnecessary, but naturally, we won’t throw them out or donate them without your approval. It’s impossible to guess which things people have sentimental attachments to. If you have a cherished wooden spoon from childhood or a sweater that is associated with as many fond memories as it has holes, there is no risk of losing it while Amber and I do our jobs.

“Purging unneeded belongings is very important. It creates more free space, makes your surroundings more tranquil, and shortens the amount of time you have to spend looking for things in your own home. People desperately want to declutter, but they seldom know where to begin. Amber and I take all the stress out of the process by talking you through what you should keep and what you can toss. No pushback – just friendly guidance.

“Once we’ve placed and labeled every organizer, you’ll finally have a clean, open space where you feel productive. Energized. Motivated. Ready to tackle anything life could throw at you! We’re not just making people’s lives easier. We’re making their lives better by creating spaces they love living in.”

Spring cleaning looms ahead. Don’t throw away last October’s jack-o'-lantern and call it a day. Say hello to Simple Home and feel your worries melt away!

After spending several years in the home organization industry, Madi Horack and Amber Sievers have witnessed the incredible impact their work has on their clients’ lives. They founded Simple Home with the intention of getting to know their clients even better and taking a more personalized approach to transforming their homes. They believe organization is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each project is unique, and they’re confident they can achieve your specific goals!

"We’re not just making people’s lives easier. We’re making their lives better by creating spaces they love living in.”

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