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Simple Soiree'

Host a Dinner Party With Ease by Keeping it Simple But Elegant

March has us itching for outdoor entertaining, but our unpredictable Colorado spring makes it difficult. Time for a simple but elegant dinner party. Smoking meat provides a warm weather vibe, but can be done even if there is snow outside. Add a simple roasted beet-orange-goat cheese salad and an apple tart. (Buy from your local bakery. We wont tell.) Pair with an Argentinian Tempranillo or a full-bodied style Pinot Noir.

Steak Rub For Grapevine Smoked Tri-Tip Roast

3 parts brown sugar

3 parts smoked sea salt

1 part smoked paprika 

½ part coriander 

½ part chili powder

¼ part cayenne pepper

¼ part dried thyme

¼ part cracked pepper

Directions; Mix all spices and apply liberally to the tri-tip. Allow to rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours before smoking over grapevines.

Recipe by Chef Eric Carter

Tip: Grapevines can be sourced directly from a vineyard or online. They impart a tart, fruity flavor and are suitable for  quicker smoked meats and poultry. Use sparingly and combine with another fruitwood to avoid bitterness..

  • Rustically elegant table settings set the vibe.
  • Rustically elegant table settings set the vibe.