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Rachel Parcell

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Simple Springtime Hosting

From big screens to book swaps to succulents

Most things in life rarely go as expected. Alanis Morrisette wrote an entire song about the irony of it all. You can plan for days, weeks, months, even years and when the day finally arrives, there will usually be something you didn’t account for, altering the original blueprint. This rings especially true when it comes to party planning, which is just another added stress to the process of opening your home to entertain guests, but it is avoidable. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself and family by juggling every aspect of throwing a party on your own. Instead, ensure your party is a hit by making your home a celebration destination with little to no work for yourself by using any of these unique and memorable concepts. 


Bring the big screen to you! Ensure your viewing experience isn’t interrupted by selecting the audience for the film of your choice by transforming your backyard into your very own movie theater, popcorn included. Allow the event staff to supply you and your guests with an unforgettable experience, perfect for any celebration. Just rent a screen for the night and select which snacks to serve, no waiting in long lines is necessary.


Turn your home into a not-so-little free library and a book-lover’s dream by hosting a book swap for your next event. Have guests bring their favorite novels at the moment and ask them to wrap their books to add a bit of mystery. Place the books together on a table surrounded by chairs and enjoy watching everyone unwrap their new obsession. Increase suspense by allowing each person the chance to steal a book that was previously unwrapped. Enhance the experience by serving cocktails based on your favorite book or handing out customized bookmarks. 


Transform your backyard, garage, or driveway into a culinary destination by purchasing a backyard hibachi experience for you and your guests. Allow your private chef to handle dinner and entertainment for the night all in the comfort of your own home. Just like in the restaurant, choose your preferred meal, but enjoy it around the company of your choice. All meals are prepared to order, so sit back and savor the bold Japanese flavors with a fire show and sake! 


No party favors are needed with this at-home event that is sure to welcome Spring. Green-thumb or not, creating your own terrarium is an easy and engaging way to make lasting memories with your guests, at least for as long as their plants last afterward. With a funky glass, some dirt, moss and succulents, guests can design their own ecosystem that can be admired for months to come. This interactive party can be done as big or as little as desired. Spruce up the theme by creating place settings and cards for each guest. Set up a table with a few gardening utensils and get to planting! 


Tap into your inner artist by creating an at-home paint-and-sip experience for your guests. You don’t need to be a professional to design your own work of art - you’re not expected to produce the next Mona Lisa or Starry Night, so sip on a refreshment and enjoy watching others attempt their own masterpieces alongside you. Purchase a kit to bring all material needed, directly to your doorstep, or if you desire more direction, hire an instructor to guide you on your artistic endeavor. Regardless of skill level, relax and create lasting memories with this engaging party activity. 

You don’t need to leave home to enjoy a new experience with good company. Design your own party, but leave the stress of planning in the past. Bearing the weight of entertaining on your own is not necessary to host an unforgettable event. 

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