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Simplicity Tastes So Sweet

Sweetgreen offers up a bounty of flavorful, healthy food to Cypress-area residents by reimagining convenience food

Article by Stephanie Parnell

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

When three college students living in Washington DC got burned out on the usual grease-laden fast food options that offered convenience but no nutritional value, they decided to do something about it. In 2007, Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicholas Jammet opened Sweetgreen in an effort to offer people a healthier but still convenient way to eat. Flash forward 15 years and Sweetgreen has 160 locations across the U.S. including the latest one that opened at the Boardwalk on Towne Lake.

Sweetgreen’s mission is the reimagining of fast food, while making sustainable decisions without sacrificing quality for convenience. The restaurant concept is truly one-of-a-kind. Sweetgreen has a legacy of collaborating with regional farms to source ingredients by working through local distributors that dates back to the founding of the company. Today, they work with hundreds of farms across the country to purchase truly fresh, farm-to-table ingredients including proteins, grains and produce. Restaurant guests can see evidence of this when they walk in the doors to view the hand-written names of farms and their corresponding ingredients on the in-store chalkboard.

Given the Houston area’s burgeoning culinary scene that, to many locals, is rivaling “heavy-hitters” such as cities like New York, New Orleans, and Chicago, the Cypress area seemed like a natural next destination for Sweetgreen to expand, given the desire for many in the area to have more choices when it comes to flavorful, yet healthy and convenient food.

Sweetgreen surprises and delights its guests with popular and nutritious dishes such as the Kale Cesar salad and Harvest Bowl, but it also boasts a seasonal menu that rotates five times throughout the year to provide people with the freshest produce and ingredients, sourced locally.

To add to Sweetgreen’s unique ethos about food, the company believes in immersing itself in each local community before breaking ground on a new restaurant. Beyond serving up earth-friendly foods from local farms, they invest heavily in local communities, ensuring that they can carry out their mission of organically building healthier communities. In addition, they offer customer rewards programs such as $10 in rewards for every $100 spent at its restaurants. Just last month, Sweetgreen also launched “Rewards and Challenges,” a new loyalty offering allowing customers to opt-in to participate in weekly challenges, track progress, and celebrate healthy habits by receiving rewards like discounts, credit, free add-ons, and free delivery.

Sweetgreen doesn’t just believe in feeding people. They believe in empowering customers, employees, and partners to be a positive force in the food system. Learn more at

PULL QUOTE: Sweetgreen’s mission is the reimagining of fast food while making sustainable decisions without sacrificing quality for convenience.

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