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Simplicity: The Ultimate Luxury

The Simple Sort: A One-Stop Shop for Organizing

Article by Ashley Hamershock

Photography by The Elan Studio & Margarett Hansen Photography

Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

Ready to get organized in the 2023? The Simple Sort is ready to help. We caught up with owner Jenn Campo for all the details: 

Where do you recommend most people start? 

Organizing can be an overwhelming task. I think where many people fail is in the lack of planning. Instead of impulsively pulling everything out of your closet in a frustrated fury, we recommend making a plan and allowing yourself time to complete the project. It takes longer than most people realize, and before too long, they have a pile of stuff that they have to "deal with," then quickly run out of time, energy and patience for the task, become overwhelmed and give up.

What are the most common areas in a home or business that need organization? 

We organize all spaces big and small. The two spaces we find people request the most assistance from us, though, are in the kitchen/pantry, and primary bedroom/closet/bathroom spaces. These are typically the most utilized spaces in the house, so naturally, it's where families prioritize.

What are the highest impact areas? 

We want our systems to be sustainable and simple for the client to maintain, so we do this by learning a lot about the client first. The biggest impact can vary from client to client. It could be the drop zone for a busy family with school-aged kids who have busy afternoons, or the home office for the work-from-home professional who needs to be productive without distractions, or the military family who moves every few years and needs to settle into their space quickly and easily. We really listen to their individual needs and transform a space that is tailored to them. 

Tell us how the process works.

Our services are all-inclusive and done for you, so our client doesn't have to stress about anything. When they hire us, they can be assured that we will transform their space, and their lives to be honest, from scattered and chaotic to streamlined and simplified. We create calm spaces with style and function that our clients can be proud to share and are happy to unwind in after a busy day. We bring them in when we have questions and walk them through the decision-making process. We take care of every detail. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate luxury, and we strive to make the entire process as simple and luxurious as possible for our clients. 

Do you usually tackle one space at a time, or can you bring in multiple crews for multiple spaces? 

We have a team of 10 organizers, so no project is too small or too large for our team. We strive to complete the project fast and efficiently so the client can enjoy their new space quicker, so we will bring as many team members as we need to facilitate the job in a timely manner.

What are the toughest things for people to part with?  

We never push the client to part with items they are not ready to part with, but we find that many clients are ready and willing to edit their space with a little support and encouragement. Every single person we meet with fears they have the worst-case scenario when it comes to clutter, but we haven't seen anything that scares us yet. When it comes to collections, we find most people have items they are attached to for many different reasons. Whether coffee mugs, designer jeans or shoes, toys or craft supplies, our ultimate goal is to create space our clients love to live in. When they are ready to pare down, we make it easier by taking the donations at the end of our day and donating them in our community.

OK, so you help a client get a home organized, then what? Won’t they return to the same old habits with the same old piles of stuff?

When the right systems are carefully thought out and implemented, anyone can maintain them. Organizing is not rocket science, really. We walk our clients through every space and offer support after the project. We also offer a maintenance program should they need further resets of the systems, but honestly, our systems are so sustainable, most clients maintain them without our ongoing help. Even small children can sustain our systems! 

What do people gain from having an organized home? 

The most valuable resource we have as humans is time, right? We can never make more time; but we CAN give our clients their time back, to enable them to do more of what they love. We also give them back their sanity and peace of mind. Many of the clients we have worked with have testified that we have saved their marriages or relationships or reduced arguments over clutter in their homes. We've even found valuable items the client may have been looking for or didn't even know they have. I can't tell you how many times we have found cash and gift cards hiding in clients’ piles or clutter, and also how many times a client has exclaimed: "I have been looking for that!"

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