Chaos Into Calm

Professional Organizer and Bringer of Calm shares tips to help declutter your home this spring

Andrea Brundage is a Professional Organizer and Bringer of Calm. She founded Simple Organized Solutions in 2003 to help people who struggle with clutter, chaos, stress, and overwhelm. Andrea has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life. From overwhelmed executives to busy families; from downsizing seniors to multi-generational families, and everything in between. The first step in simplifying your life is to release the excess. Sounds great, but where to begin?: Here are a couple of tips to help you Simplify Your Life: professionalorganizeraz.com

Less is more

Clear clutter from your home and office.

Clear out your electronic Inbox.

Remove yourself from mailing lists (paper and electronic).

Purge and repurpose anything you no longer love, use, or wear.

Be mindful of what you allow in your space and on your calendar.

Allocate your time wisely.

Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed or stuck.

Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD)

Keep –Remember, A place for everything and everything in its place. 

Toss/Recycle – Things that are no longer useful to you or to anyone else.

Donate/Gift – Things that no longer serve you well, but can serve someone else.

This is not a true disorder, but it is definitely a factor in clutter accumulation. Delayed decisions is also known as procrastination or avoidance.The only remedy to DDD is to stop doing it. Make decisions about everything in your space and identify things you want to Keep, Toss/Recycle, or Donate/Gift. 

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