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Offering our community the opportunity to use its space as a gathering and socializing place

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Simply Renew Med Spa Offers Tranquility and Innovation

New North Port Spa Teams With Leading Neurosurgeons To Bring Cutting Edge Therapies To Our Region

To step inside Simply Renew Med Spa at its tastefully designed and decorated North Port location is to enter a tranquil, quiet realm where the cares of the world fall away. It’s also impossible, in Simply Renew, not to be overtaken by a true sense of excitement. Founded last November by Sandra Rieth, a board-certified nurse practitioner and skin care and facial aesthetics consultant, Simply Renew is at the cutting edge of the newest wellness, health and beauty technologies. Sandra also has a doctorate in nursing practice and many years of critical care, trauma and operating room experience.

“My husband, Rick, also a nurse practitioner, and I came to Florida a year and a half ago,” Sandra says. “He came for a dream job working in neurosurgery, and I had the opportunity to start my own business in my passion, aesthetics.”

Originally from the St. Louis area and mother to three adult children, Sandra was eager to strike out on her own and share her love for beauty and wellness.

“Looking your best is an important part of overall wellness," Sandra says. "Aesthetics is the specialty of skin beautification and rejuvenation. Years ago, options in facial rejuvenation were limited and most likely resulted in surgery, giving clients that ‘pulled’ look. Today there many more noninvasive treatments available that are less dramatic and offer quite beautiful results.”

“Combining my many years of medical experience with the pursuit of industry-leading therapies, I am able to offer a comprehensive approach to skin care,” Sandra says. “We offer many modalities such as customized facials, medical-grade skincare product lines, Botox, Dysport, and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. We offer free skin consultations in order to develop a personalized approach to helping you put your best face forward.”

Simply Renew also offers micro-needling, collagen induction therapy and PRP—platelet-rich plasma—in which blood is taken from a client and is spun down to collect platelets and growth factors from the client’s own blood. Combined with micro-needling, the platelets permeate the skin’s deep layers to create a nonsurgical, younger, fresher look. The results are achieved progressively throughout three to six months.

“It’s called the Vampire Facelift,” laughs the welcoming and friendly Sandra. “It’s been trademarked by a Hollywood doctor. Kim Kardashian, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have all had it. It puts the collagen and bounce back in your skin, smoothens out the wrinkles and gives you a nice, fresh look, all without surgery. The idea behind Simply Renew is to create true wellness. If you look better, you feel better.”

Open to everyone, Simply Renew counts men and women of all ages as clients. Affordable acne skin care services are also available to teenagers and young adults for preventative care and active acne treatment. Simply Renew offers aesthetics by team member Tammy Floyd and massage therapy by Jessica Bowe-Legan.

“I love to teach, to explain the different treatments,” Sandra says. “I want each of my clients to feel welcome, comfortable, relaxed and informed.”

Simply Renew offers people in the community the opportunity to use its space as a gathering and socializing place, since it is a private and tranquil environment, different than the usual restaurants and noisy bars. Friends can gather at Simply Renew for a private spa party, totally customized to make the experience one to remember. Relaxation and socializing while having the option of receiving spa treatments blends a good time with wellness and beauty.

To that end, Sandra has recently partnered with Karen Sheppard’s Ciao Bella Salon in Venice (featured in the Local Limelight section of this issue), to introduce Venice residents to Simply Renews’ treatments.

“At Ciao Bella, I offer Botox, fillers, facials and aesthetic treatments,” says Sandra of the events that take place at Ciao Bella the third Thursday of every month. “Karen is so sociable and connected to the community. It’s friendly and a great place to be.”

Under the direction of Dr. Arash Farahvar, MD, Ph.D., the spa’s medical director, Sandy, and her team are always training and learning new techniques. Services at Simply Renew include Botox and Dysport, Juvederm and Restylane fillers, micro-needling facial rejuvenation, PRP, PRF, the Hydra Skin Refiner Facial, custom facials, derma-planning, radiofrequency lift and sculpt, bare back purification treatment and chemical peels. Massages include the personalized Signature Massage, hot stone, deep tissue, Swe-Thai, Reflexology, and "Moms to Be." Sugar scrubs, body wraps, body waxing and lash lifts are also available. Sandra is also pleased to announce the addition of BioTe—bio-identical hormone pellet replacement therapy, Lipolean and B12 injections and Ideal Curves—the newest innovation in non-surgical fat reduction/body sculpting to her wellness program.

“Come in, have a glass of wine, relax and leave rejuvenated,” Sandra. says. “We believe in what we do. We want to pamper you.”

Simply Renew Med Spa, Massage and Wellness

2564 Commerce Parkway, North Port

  • At the cutting edge of the newest wellness, health and beauty technologies
  • Sandra Reith, Jessica Bowe-Legan and Tammy Floyd
  • Aesthetician Tammy Floyd

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