TN Golf Station is changing the game in Murfreesboro.

JP Brown has expanded his boundless passion for golf by moving the game inside. The California native and former touring pro is the owner of TN Golf Station, a Murfreesboro entertainment venue where friends can gather to hone their skills on realistic golf simulators while enjoying the vibe of an authentic neighborhood bar and grill.

“With our concept, two people can play 18 holes in under an hour,” says Brown. “Your time commitment is literally cut in half. The simulator features high-definition technology with lifelike graphics. You hit a real ball that’s tracked by infrared cameras with no lag time. It’s extremely accurate and user-friendly.” Each of the three simulators can accommodate six players at a time. Clubs can be rented, but Brown says most players bring their own.

When Brown opened TN Golf Station last January, it marked the intersection of a life-changing experience with a lifelong dream. He moved to Murfreesboro shortly after visiting friends in the area. Then he began scouting for a venue where he could establish his vision for a great place to hang out while enjoying a realistic golf experience. But the search was not without its setbacks. “I thought we had a location at the mall, but that didn’t work out,” says Brown. “I got in my car, and I was so mad! I pushed ‘home’ on my GPS, and it took me down this path, and I saw ‘for lease’ on this building. And a month later, I had the space.”

Serious golfers typically visit during the day to work on their games. When the sun goes down, it becomes one of Murfreesboro’s liveliest night spots and a great place for a Guys' (or girls) Night Out. The facility can be rented for private engagements, and special promotions can be found on Facebook @TN.GolfStation.

TN Golf Station is located at 1276 NW Broad Street. For tee times or more information, call 615.624.7821 or visit

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