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What I learned from my mom about saying thank you

Emily Post says the rule of thumb is that you should send a written note any time you receive a gift (even a ‘thank you’ gift) and the giver wasn’t there to be thanked in person. And, notes are not always necessary. If, for example, the gift is from a close friend or relative (and it’s not a wedding gift) you can email or call instead if you prefer. 

I know another Emily who would protest this last point.

My mother, Emily would implore you to always use a pen and paper and I tend to agree (because she was the pillar of politeness and good manners).

This is not going to be an angry “whatever happened to people writing thank you notes” piece. Instead, just a straightforward, cheery reminder to use every opportunity to encourage the people in your world to continue to be nice and do nice things for others. 

A nice note can leave an immeasurable impression. Our contributing writer, Vikki Locke remembers one such occasion. “I remember sending a card to a favorite teacher when she retired, thanking her for always believing me. She said it was the best gift she could ever get.”

Vikki continues to write thank you notes, hoping to not only express herself but also to pay homage where it’s due.

Acknowledging a gift, a thoughtful favor or someone’s warm hospitality is easy. Just speak from your heart and use a few extra adjectives.

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  • My mother, the thank you note queen.