The Man, The Myth, And Celina's Own Legend

Article by Sharla Davenport

Photography by Melissa Hatcher

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Adam LeMaire, the man, the myth, the legend. It sounds hyperbolic to use these words, but none are more true for this Celina teacher. 

Adam LeMaire, the man, is the Celina ISD Director of Choir Studies overseeing choir activities for middle and high school.  In the thirteen years he has worked at Celina High School (CHS) as the choir teacher, he has increased the choir enrollment from thirty kids to over 400. No other elective is as popular. 

LeMaire is one of CHS’ most beloved teachers. He “plays a huge part of who I am today. Not only is he the best choir teacher, but an outstanding life coach. He believed in me and played a huge role in the singer I am today,” says Keaton Adams, CHS graduate and rising music artist.

The number of students that could sing (pun intended) LeMaire’s praises is infinite, including those not in choir. He lingers in the hallway during passing periods where students say hello or seek his advice, something he finds very rewarding. LeMaire believes it’s his God-given purpose. “Little things can make a big difference. So many times, I have walked away from student conversations knowing The Lord gave me the right words to say, to comfort,” he continues. 

LeMaire will tell you he is not about awards. He wants students to make a perfect version of themselves now, so “you can be the best you can be for your future, now.” That’s what makes him legendary, not for achievements but for the love he gives students. Whether talking to a U.S. Senator about a student, announcing All-State Choir student selections, or even helping a student in the darkest of times, LeMaire considers it his calling to support students. Ask any Celina student about LeMaire, and they will repeat the same message –he’s always there for them. CHS Senior Alli Jones confirms. “When all you see is brokenness, Mr. LeMaire sees pieces of a beautiful mosaic.  He ensures you never walk alone,” she states. His reputation is not just of choir accolades, but his support for Celina kids.  

While Mr. LeMaire is known for CHS choir, so much about LeMaire is a mystery, or myth.  He is fiercely private about his personal life resulting in many urban legends like being a C.I.A. agent or previous time in witness protection. LeMaire instead focuses on stories of his childhood in Louisiana and Texas. 

A self-described Cajun, LeMaire’s father worked in law enforcement -- including the F.B.I. -- and his mom worked for the health department. His childhood revolved around nature, fishing, and hunting. He experienced “blue collar life” and affluent times. “I know what it’s like not to eat but also have a rich life. I have seen things no one should see, and also be blessed,” LeMaire recalls. These experiences help him relate to all students.

LeMaire attended high school in Texas but was at first unsure about college. His gift of singing led him to Stephen F. Austin (SFA) University, renowned for their classical opera program. During college, the choir toured Europe singing his favorite music, ancient church music. He passed up an opportunity to perform at the Beijing Olympics just so he could perform at a Vatican mass for Pope Benedict.

LeMaire is married with two young children. His wife, not a singer, enjoys their family life with nature and gardens outside of Celina. The family hopes to always enjoy life outdoors with nature.

This year, he hopes to grow the chamber choir, and help all kids reach their potential. He is excited to introduce PALS, Peer Assistance Leadership Service, a service organization he’s wanted to start for quite some time. 

Adam LeMaire credits God for guiding him to do more than sing but also help kids. “I never thought I would be a choir teacher. God gave me a voice to do more than sing, but rather to support kids,” he notes. “Anytime I can tell someone’s life has changed leaves an impact on me and I am honored to be a part of it,” LeMaire says. On the contrary, his impact on Celina students will last lifetimes. We are the ones blessed to know the man, the myth, the legend, Adam LeMaire.

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