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Sinless Sweets

Local business owner finds healing through baking

  Amber Conner, owner of Sinless Sweets, specializes in making healthy treats and desserts. Before Sinless Sweets, Amber was the Head Personal Trainer at a local gym. In February 2020, when she was sixteen weeks pregnant with a baby girl, her life took an unexpected turn. Four days after celebrating with friends and family at her gender reveal party, Amber started showing signs of a miscarriage. After speaking with her doctor, he advised that she rest and come in for an appointment as soon as possible. 

  Amber remembers not hearing a heartbeat during the sonogram and hoping that the volume was turned off. “When the doctor came into the room, he hugged me and told me that she was gone,” Amber shares. She wondered why this had happened to her and questioned what she had done to deserve this. Amber says that she remembers God saying to her “My will, My way” and decided to trust that He has a reason for everything.

  Shortly after, the gym Amber worked at temporarily closed due to covid. She spent that time at home with her son and started baking healthy treats to help her cope with the loss of her daughter. People saw what she was doing and asked if she would sell the treats she was baking. Amber decided to start an at-home bakery and it quickly became a full-time job. 

  In April 2021, she launched her food truck, and in January 2022, Amber opened the Sinless Sweets storefront. When you walk inside her bakery, you’ll notice that the building layout is open concept. Amber loves to meet new people and make friends, so she designed it so that when customers come inside, she can see and talk to them while she's baking.

  So what makes the treats at Sinless Sweets healthy? Amber can make any dessert keto-friendly, low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan. All of the treats at Sinless Sweets are made from scratch with recipes that Amber creates. Wanting to make sure every treat is perfect, she will sometimes spend months fine-tuning her recipes. The first recipe she made is her signature Carmelitas, a chocolatey and gooey caramel bar.

  Amber’s story came full circle in 2021. Her daughter, Henley Rose, was supposed to be born on July 29th, 2020. One year later, Amber’s son, Jaxon, was born on July 29th, 2021. “God was able to turn what was supposed to be a sad day, into a great day as we celebrate Jaxon,” says Amber. “My story is super important to me. My faith got me through. I thank the Lord everyday because He has His hands on this business. He took something so awful and made something beautiful. I want to tell other women who have had miscarriages to keep faith in God’s timing,” says Amber.

Next time you’re craving something sweet, make sure you check out Sinless Sweets! They are located at 4336 B Washington Road in Evans. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the current menu of treats. Amber and her team also love making custom orders! Stop by the store or call them at (762)994-0515 to place an order.

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