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Sip + Savor: Underneath the Drywall

This family-owned local restaurant is more than a meat and potatoes kind of business.

It started with a no. Scott refused to buy wine from Jenn, his sales rep seeking a commission for another sale. “He turned me down, ‘Nope, I'm not going to buy any of this.’ I was devastated.” But she persisted. “I came back, won him over and got his business,” her eyes trail up to the light fixtures above. “He asked me on a date a year later and we've been together ever since.” 

For 8 years now, Flower Mound has been the home of husband and wife team Jenn and Scott Sharrer and their 4 kids. In November 2022, Sip + Savor, their restaurant and “leap of faith”, opened. “We like to joke that I'm the Sip and he's the Savor. We think it's funny because it genuinely works. I literally do all of the wine and he does all of the food. And we just have so much fun doing it together.” And you can tell too. The pure heart, that earnest core behind this place beams out of everything from the lighting to the menu to Jenn herself. “Working with my husband has been the biggest blessing,” she says. “We both have a say in it, so caring as much as we do goes a lot further. And I think the staff feels it too. You will see me on the floor scrubbing or taking plates off the tables and my husband doing the same thing. I want to be in the thick of it with the team.”

A beloved in the community, the heart of Sip + Savor exceeds its location on Shoal Creek in Highland Village and exists as more than a restaurant and more than a place to Sip and Savor foods inspired by far-off places. “It's not just a restaurant,” Jenn says firmly, “this is our mission field. People ask, “What's different? It's so different in this restaurant. Why is that?”. The reply? Because of Jesus.

Valley Creek, their church home of 4 years now, has been a catalyst, if not the sole reason, Sip + Savor is here today, Jenn says. After years of praying and searching for a location for a restaurant, “we finally got the yes.” As construction began, the couple reached out to their church asking for blessings and prayers to encompass this new journey. “We asked for everyone to show up and write scripture on the walls. We thought we'd get maybe 20 people,” Jenn says. “We had over 200 people come in.” Her hand gestures to the beautifully textured ivory wall beside her, “Underneath all the drywall is scripture from our church and our community.” 

The menu itself is a result of the heart behind this restaurant. With each intentional step, it becomes so much more clear that it is more than Jenn and Scott’s way of putting food on the table, but their passion, a lifelong dream, a leap of faith and their mission field. The menu, inspired by Northern California, sings many notes. Emerging from a sea of Texas barbecue that covers our Lone Star state, Sip + Savor serves plates of bright colors. “We're not a meat and potatoes kind of business,” Jenn explains. “We are fresh and clean, but we're also very colorful.” She breaks down a few of their dishes, like the sea bass and the calamari starter, Fritto Misto. What goes into every dish, Jenn says, “is just this brightness with so many golden flavors. You're just like, ‘What is that?’” From the sauces that provide color to the bed of black quinoa that provides contrast to the vivid peppadew peppers and goat cheese blended with a more traditional marinara, it all creates a story reflecting the brilliance of what is underneath the drywall.