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Sip, Savor, and Shop

Enjoy the Unique Atmosphere, Quality Spirits, and Shopping at Three Crosses Distilling

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Myles Coleman

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Michelle and John Davenport were both passionate about creating their own distillery, searching tirelessly for the perfect location to make their dream a reality. Despite facing numerous attempts to find a suitable space in Richmond and Chesterfield, they both felt an inexplicable pull towards Powhatan. Finally, after a long and challenging search, they discovered a building destined to be their distillery's home. Located in the heart of Powhatan, the building fit their needs, and the close-knit community only added to their inspiration. With their unwavering determination, the couple worked tirelessly to create Three Crosses Distilling - a distillery that embodies their love for craft, community, and quality.

Inspired by and appreciative of their community’s support, the Davenports always strive to source their drink and food ingredients from locals like Engle Family Farms, Hannah's Elderberry Syrups, Mountain House Honey, Capital Chips, and Crescent City Simples. Michelle and John's dedication to their community is also evident in their charming new store, The Mercantile at Three Crosses, beside the distillery. Michelle opened the shop with her long-time friend Kara Hughes. "I have always loved those fun little boutiques you find on day trips and wanted to create a complete experience when you come to Three Crosses," Michelle expresses. "You can now sip, savor, and shop at our distillery!" With an impressive array of items, the boutique, much like the distillery, has an inviting ambiance and knowledgeable staff, making for a pleasant experience.

Just as the locals have uplifted them, John and Michelle actively support their neighborhood and many charitable causes. “At Three Crosses, we give back through fundraisers on Thursdays or by donating a portion of each of our bottle sales to different charities,” Michelle says. Recently, they partnered with the James Madison Foundation and introduced their private-label whiskey, Madison Reserve Bourbon Whiskey. They donate a percentage of the sales proceeds to support education at James Madison University. Additionally, they launched a new whiskey called 10-42, End of Watch, in January, which supports organizations that work towards helping families of fallen officers. These are exceptional initiatives that demonstrate the Davenports' commitment to their community.

The Davenports have created a cozy and inviting atmosphere at Three Crosses, reminiscent of the beloved TV show Cheers. Michelle shares that their ultimate goal was to establish a place where patrons could relax, feel welcomed, and be recognized by name or their favorite drink. "[We] always [have] a great time when we go. Justin, the bartender, is so friendly and knowledgeable, and the owners, Michelle and John, are very kind. [It’s] one of our favorite places to go," says customer Jennifer T. Over time, the distillery has become a home away from home for many of its regulars, who are now considered a part of the Davenport family. The warm and friendly ambiance of Three Crosses has garnered a dedicated and loyal following, and it has become a go-to spot for locals to unwind and socialize with friends and family.

The next time you find yourself in the picturesque village of Powhatan, be sure to check out Three Crosses Distilling. Located at 3835 Old Buckingham Road in Powhatan, Three Crosses Distilling is a family-owned business that prides itself on its exceptional customer service and commitment to quality. The distillery offers tours, tastings, and a gift shop where you can purchase spirits and other locally-made products. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @threecrossesdistilling to stay up to date on the latest happenings, including fundraising events, new product releases, and more. 

  • photograph by Michelle Davenport