Sir Drifto's Ride

With the Audi Q7

Article by Nathan Finneman @breedofspeed

Photography by Nathan Finneman @breedofspeed

Originally published in Cherry Creek Lifestyle

The Audi Q7 may be classified as an SUV, but it is frankly far from it when it comes to its driving characteristics. Prestige Imports provided quite possibly the perfect color combo offered on the Q7. However, my objective was to see what the Audi Q7 was about, on the road.

At first glance, this isn't your average SUV. The body lines are elegant, the size of the vehicle expresses its presence, yet its functionality is more than apparent. Upon entering the vehicle, the attention to detail is more than prevalent. The rich brown leather with wood grain accents gives the car a warm vibe. As you sink into the comfort of the seats, one could easily forget if they are at home or in a vehicle. The Q7 offers substantial head and legroom not only for front occupants but also the rear passengers.

What stood out the most to me in the Q7 was the features Audi offers in this particular model. One of these features that impressed me was the Audi virtual cockpit. Everything in view, directly in front of the driver—the Audi virtual cockpit is a fully digital instrument cluster and entirely driver-focused. The 12.3-inch display depicts information in high resolution. With a push of a button, the instrument cluster instantly transformed into a navigational aid that was both incredibly detailed and easy to use. 

Another amenity Audi offered in the Q7 which caught my attention was the communication options. Let's be real, texting and driving is bad, but sometimes texting is a necessary communicational aspect. Audi has helped combat this dangerous habit with a touchpad that allows you to scribble text via a touchpad. This allows the driver to focus on the road and the algorithms scribbled on the pad is transcribed into text. It sounds complicated, but in reality, works wonders for communicating on the fly.

The driveline is nothing short of amazing. Quattro all-wheel drive has one job, and that is vehicle drivability in conditions that most would deem undrivable. Snow, rain, dirt, the Q7 can handle it all. Frankly, I see the Q7 as the ultimate weekend family ski vehicle.

All in all, the Q7 has surpassed my expectations in an SUV. The attention to detail, the quality in design and overall driveability of this SUV truly puts it in a league of its own. Audi has developed a winner in the SUV world with the Q7.

Take a test drive at Prestige Imports, 9201 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, Colorado. 

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