We Gathered With Six Local Dads To Discuss What Fatherhood Means To Them



Kids: Riggins, Rowynn, Raelynn

What is the best thing about being a dad?

I love watching them grow and develop their own personalities and characteristics. Most of their personalities anyway! HA!

Did you feel prepared for fatherhood?

I don’t think you're ever prepared in my opinion. Life is always full of surprises and challenges and from my experience you can try to prepare yourself but for me, nothing ever seems to go as planned! Having kids has changed my life for the better and has made me a better person.

Describe the perfect day with your kids.

Any day spent with my kids is a blessing for sure. If I had to describe the “perfect” day, it would vary from kid to kid. For the sake of time I would simplify and say quality time spent doing each of their hobbies; from practicing sports, taking them to run errands, getting ice cream or a treat somewhere, I value every minute of it!



Kids: Bradyn and Alexis “Lexi” 

Name a time that you have earned your #1 Dad mug.

In general, being present with my kids all the time. When I was in my early 30’s, I traveled for a living. I felt like a part-time dad because I was missing so much of their childhood. With a little bit of luck, God’s blessing and a lot of hard work, Denise and I took a risk and started our company almost 20 years ago. Since taking that leap, I haven’t missed a single event in my kid’s lives. I feel so blessed I was able to witness them go from toddlers to teenagers to young adults. The years go by so quick, and you can’t ever get time back…I am just fortunate I realized that before it was too late. 

What has been the most heartwarming Dad moment so far?

We volunteered on Christmas Eve with a charity that partners with the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas. The organization shelters the homeless in the Downtown Dallas area at the Omni Hotel for Christmas. As a family, we assisted the homeless moving their belongings off the buses and checking them into the hotel. It was so cold that Christmas and to see how excited those families and their children were to spend the night in a warm bed was priceless. It was heartwarming to see the level of compassion Bradyn and Lexi showed while helping these families in need. Weeks later our girls kept asking us if we thought those families were okay after they checked out of the hotel. It touched all of us deeply.

What personality traits do you hope your children get from you?

I hope they are hardworking but stop to smell the roses, take risks but know when to sit it out when it doesn’t feel right, stay loyal to a fault but know when to cut the cord, figure out what is important to them and figure out how to get it. Own every second this life can give.



Daughter: Makenna

How do you measure success as a father?  

I know how hard it is being a teenager in today's environment and see all the challenges our kids face.  I feel my role is to make sure Makenna knows how loved she is and that I will always be here for her and support her in everything she does in her life. Ensuring that she knows her identity is not in what others tell her or how she "measures up", but who she is in Christ as a beautiful child of God.    

Tell us about one of your proud Dad moments. 

We just completed a back-to-back State Championship for Celina Soccer, and Makenna was interviewed heading into the playoffs. She completely did the interview on her own without me even knowing about it and answered all the questions in a way that just stopped me in my tracks and appreciate her character and who she's become. She put so much focus on her teammates and their friendships they've formed on and off the field. It's refreshing to see her think about others first and share the spotlight when given the opportunity.

What is your favorite thing to do with your daughter? 

I'll always cherish the times Makenna and I have spent driving to all her soccer games since she was 4 years-old and just talking about her life. She is a very mature 17 year-old and has been through a lot, especially this past year with us losing my wife and her Mom, Wendy, this past Fall. Makenna has always really connected with her emotions and isn't afraid to talk about how she feels. She knows she can tell me anything, and I'm always happy to listen, laugh or even cry with her as we are on this journey together.  



Kids: Molly and CJ 

How has fatherhood changed you? 

It hasn’t changed me much. The personal space is gone. I have bad knees more and gray hairs now. I'm always being informed that I'm "not cool" on the daily.  

What qualities would you like to instill in your children?

To work hard and give 100% in all you do.

To have patience and always be kind.

To be respectful and polite.

What is the best thing about being a dad?

I love coaching sports with CJ and showing livestock with Molly.

I always enjoy taking them both hunting, fishing and doing anything outdoors.

My dad was always working so I try and be involved with them as much as I can.

Time is a thief, you blink and their grown.



Kids: Greyson and Lincoln

Describe the perfect day with your kids.

Fishing, hiking, skiing or hunting. Being present and not distracted by technology in the outdoors! 

What personality trait do you hope your children get from you?

I hope more than anything both boys have a constant drive to learn something new and look for that new adventure. You’re never too old to learn something new or find a new path. 

If you were to give a soon-to-be dad advice, what would it be?

Soak it up and take it in. They don’t stay little forever and you never know how long you have on this earth. Spend the time, take the time, and make it count.



Kids: Grant and Harrison

What does being a father mean to you?

John 15:1 best explains how I see my role as a father.  I’m just a gardener that has been tasked to plant, nurture, prune, water, and grow some very important seeds, my children. I tried to raise them in the very best soil that I could. (a loving, teaching, mentoring and disciplined Christian home). There are times when it is necessary to prune and times when its necessary to water, fertilize and to step back and watch them grow. My hope is that they will bear much fruit in this insane and crazy world where we live. I believe we live in Biblically historical times. The kids we raise today will see a world that is much different than what we have experienced.  Therefore, it is more important now than ever, to sow the good seed that will hopefully produce 100-fold in the future. In short: Being a father is submitting to your Heavenly Father and doing his will on earth and teaching this to your children.

Tell us about a heartwarming fatherhood moment.

Seeing both my boy’s accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Also, baptizing them in the Jordan river in Israel.

What do you want your kids to remember about you?

That I was messed up, full of flaws, and sometimes kind of quirky, but most importantly that I loved them, their mom, my wife Maranda, and the Lord with all my heart and all my soul. I hope they remember that I always tried to operate in strength, full of conviction and never out of fear.  I want them to remember that I chased after my dreams and always tried to live each day as gift from God.

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