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It’s in the heart of Westlake Village that you’ll find something you’ve probably not experienced before. A highly collaborative window treatment showroom, from Skyline Window Coverings, it’s designed to provide the most innovative features, fabrics and operating systems from Hunter Douglas. Going beyond what you’d expect, Skyline serves up something extraordinary. 

The Venue

You may recognize the location. Previously The Drapery Guy, the existing showroom has received a well-deserved refresh with upgrades to showcase the features you’re looking to experience as you explore the world of window coverings. As The Drapery Guy moves its focus exclusively to draperies, Skyline Window Coverings has stepped in, offering the full collection of Hunter Douglas shades, shutters, blinds and draperies. The owner of Skyline Window Coverings, Chrissy Roellchen, describes the setting as “an experience center—a place for clients to feel inspired, to envision custom window treatments in their own homes.” Already serving the Thousand Oaks area, Skyline Window Coverings takes its place as a significant venue on your way to designing your dream home. 

The Experience

Upon entering the showroom, you’ll feel inspired. Unlike the big box version of blinds and shades on display like a tired parade, Skyline makes you feel instantly at home. The atmosphere is soothing. The window coverings on display showcase today’s most popular features. This showroom is designed for the hands-on approach to choosing custom window treatments. You’ll see and touch the fabrics—the way they move as they adjust and how they interact with the light. Speaking of adjustment, you’ll be able to experience each and every type of operating system. The showroom includes Smart Shades, intentionally placed so you can play with all of the innovative features and gadgets offered with today’s automated shades.  

The Beginning

The mission of Skyline Window Coverings has always been to deliver an experience, one that helps clients create the ideal atmosphere throughout their homes. Being able to feel at home during the one-on-one selection process is one of the reasons Roellchen never imagined a showroom. The consultation process is customized to each client, taking into account the unique lighting and layout of the home, oftentimes providing solutions and coordinating design. True to her background, she has always believed that custom window treatments are fundamental in how a home is designed.

“The way you live in your home has a lot to do with the atmosphere of it, and window coverings create that atmosphere,” notes Roellchen. With 20 years in the industry, Roellchen was determined not to deliver the mediocre experience that is so common when window coverings are put on display. 

What Changed? 

Roellchen attributes the change in thinking to current culture and timing.

“Over the past couple of years, homeowners have come to understand how vital it is to create a home that’s both comfortable and beautiful. They know the spaces in their homes change over the course of the day, because they’ve experienced it in a way none of us could have imagined. But that’s not a bad thing. We’ve all had to stop and recognize how we want to live in our homes, and lighting has a lot to do with that. Experiencing our homes in a much different way has resulted in the pursuit of creating the right lifestyle. Being up-close and in-person with custom window treatments lets that vision of home come to life,” says Roellchen.

The Evolution of Skyline

The Skyline team is an integral part of the success of this small business. Capable of delivering unparalleled customer service with expertise, Skyline Window Coverings has made a name for itself, even as a young business. Roellchen believes that being part of the design community is another way to grow and innovate. It’s that desire for innovation that takes this small business to a whole new level. During the past couple of years, the team has welcomed a new mission: to never be done, always striving to be better. A new logo was designed with an “unfinished” look, a nod to continual evolution. Roellchen puts it best, “As good as we are today, we hope we’re better tomorrow.”

Visit Skyline Window Coverings at 31133 Via Colinas in Westlake Village. For more information, call 805.552.5004 or learn more at

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