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Build Your Strength—and Boost Your Social Bonds—at ClubAir Trampoline Park

The best exercise often occurs when you’re having so much fun that you don’t realize you are doing something healthy for your body and mind. 

Take jumping on a trampoline with your kids. “It’s an exciting way to adults and kids to burn calories and get their blood circulating,” says Anthony Mina, owner of ClubAir in Warren. “Plus, socializing with your friends and family in an active way strengthens not only your body but your relationships as well.” 

Since ClubAir opened in 2021, the indoor trampoline park has become a social hub for the area. Mina’s vision was to bring activities to New Jersey that focused on technology, interaction, heightened user experience and safety. He also emphasized being an active part of the community: Through the last year-and-a-half, ClubAir has supported organizations.

“The area really needed a state-of-the-art indoor facility where people could spend quality time with their families, socialize with other parents or have a safe place to drop off their kids to play,” says Mina, who conceptualized this new, interactive twist on traditional trampoline parks along with his sons Matthew (17) and Max (12). Seeking to discover attractions that are not seen in the United States, he traveled to trampoline parks as far as Canada and Egypt and interviewed companies across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. ClubAir is proud that the trampoline equipment is U.S. made. 

With a diverse background in sports, recreation and child-related ventures, Mina understands how to keep kids engaged and having fun. The Minas designed the park to provide an interactive experience that captivated children’s minds, raised their adrenaline and kept them safe. ClubAir pits feature airbags covered with a top sheet that is treated with a patented antiviral and antibacterial additive, which kills up to 99 percent of viruses and bacteria. You’ll find these bags in other ClubAir attractions, such as the Warrior Zone, where you can enjoy a jousting battle with friends, Air Zone with Rope Swing and the unique Interactive Traverse Climbing Wall. 

Cutting-edge technology is used for the ValoJump, which scans players with a built-in camera and projects their images into the game. Also unique is the WallRider, which will have you bouncing on Olympic trampolines on your back and aiming your feet at flashing, interactive wall targets. Part gymnastics, part parkour, the game will jumpstart your heart rate as you develop skills and raise the difficulty level. “The kids keep coming back to master certain tricks and skills at all our activities, but especially on the WallRider,” Mina says, noting that ClubAir has become the area’s primary venue for hosting birthday parties and private events. 

A popular activity is “Toddler Time,” which is a weekly dedicated time block to children under 4. And parents who want to channel their inner child—without being under the scrutinizing gaze of their children—can take advantage of ClubAir’s monthly adults-only night. 

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