Sleek, modern stone sets the tone

Discover Jasper's Granite South

Beautiful, unique, sustainable. That’s what you’ll get when you allow Jasper’s Granite South to help you renovate or build your dream kitchen. Specializing in granite countertops, the locally owned business was founded in 2018 and offers more than 100 slab options in natural and engineered stone.

Owner Becky Sherer said, “Granite has eye-catching grains and is the most durable of all stones. Quartz is a non-porous, manmade, engineered stone. For the most part, the slab will match the sample. Quartzite is a natural stone with no connection to quartz. This is the best of all worlds because it looks like marble but performs like granite. Marble is the softest, most delicate of all of the above. In my opinion, there is no substitution for marble. It’s a timeless look. I tell my clients, ‘As long as you know what you are getting and understand how to treat it, you will be fine.’ Marble has been used in many historical buildings and withstood time. But, if you expect your tops to be perfect, marble is not the choice for you.”

As for what’s in style, Sherer said, “The Calacatta quartz look with long, linear veins has started dying down. I see a lot of black coming back. My other favorite stone is called Nero Mist Honed; it has the look of soapstone but is a granite. It is at a great price point, and like a marble is super timeless. We are also seeing a lot of quartzites being used, with colors ranging from Taj Mahal to Calacatta quartzite and Mont Blanc.”

It's not just beautiful materials that make Granite South unique.

“We try to treat every customer like they are the only one. I don’t want to do just one job for my client, I want to be a family staple. I want to build a relationship. It’s not about just making a sale; it’s about treating each person how I want to be treated,” said Sherer. “The layout of a slab is, in my opinion, the most important part of the fabrication process. We do all fabrication in house and by hand. I feel like the quality of a hand-fabricated top is far better than a machine-fabricated one.”

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