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Sleep Comfort

Children With Sensory Disorders Get Secure ZZZZZs with zPods

Children with sensory disorders have a new tool for persevering over severe sleep challenges, thanks to a St. Louis father's product:  zPods. Two of George Bailey's five children are living with autism, which caused interrupted sleep patterns or little sleep at all. Additionally, George knew of other families facing similar complications with getting more than forty winks. 



Providing a controlled space for children who need sensory deprivation to sleep gives them necessary peace, comfort and security. Bunk or double bed options are available. 


Good, resting sleep provides proven health benefits to children, their caretakers and siblings, alike. These beds offer internal lighting in white, blue, pink, yellow, green or no color. 


They come with air filters that pump in fresh air and pump out allergens and pathogens. Therefore, the temperature of the external bed can be filtered inside as well.


zPods are a wonderful place to dream, play or sleep. They can accommodate anyone under 6 feet, 5 inches tall and up to 300 pounds in weight. 


zPods have taken on a new application with the COVID-19 pandemic, given that many families are spending most of their time within their homes, and need new ways to have periodic, individual privacy. 

George and his wife, Christina, were motivated to find some better way to cope with environmental factors that cause these sleep challenges. His inspiration led him to repurposing sleep capsules used by microhotels in Asian airports into enclosed, customized and soothing zPods' beds that help children feel comfortable in their own space. 

According to American Academy of Family Physicians statistics, up to 50% of children experience some sort of sleep challenge in their early years, which can lead to mood swings, behavioral issues and cognitive problems that impact their ability to learn.

"If we can help children that don't sleep well, we can change the lives of not just children, but the entire family," vows George as zPods president. 

Cuing from the challenges of his own children, George recalls finally arriving at three, important observations that led to his invention. 

  1. Bedrooms should be quiet at night. Some children may find white noise or a quiet, consistent background noise, such as a ceiling fan or air filter, to be calming.

  2. Bedrooms also should be comfortable and dark with the option of adding a dim light.

  3. If there's light coming in a bedroom window, adding darker curtains could be necessary.

George says zPods put into practice all of these themes.

​The Baileys, along with zPods CEO Gary Kellman and COO Jeff Wade, also are in the process of working with hotel chains to offer zPods for children who are traveling with their families. "Because the CDC indicates 1 in 54 children under the age of 8 will have autism, preparing for this accommodation in hotels could be necessary," concludes George. 

Two zPods locations open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday:

​2788 Muegge Road, St. Charles, 63303, 314.504.8607

5900 N. Illinois St., Suite #11, Fairview Heights, IL 62208, 314.504.8607