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How The Mama Bear Team at EXIT Realty is Providing Beds to Local Children in Need

Tasha Beckman and The Mama Bear Team from EXIT Realty don’t just buy and sell houses—they put beds in them, too. Tasha spearheaded their team’s volunteer involvement with Sleep In Heavenly Peace (SHP) last November upon hearing about the international nonprofit from a friend. The organization builds, assembles and delivers homemade beds to children in need.

Tasha reached out to the president of the Denver chapter of SHP in November 2020 to inquire about the nonprofit’s main needs. Overwhelmed, the president said that they were approximately one hundred pillows and comforters shy of completing their scheduled deliveries for the year. Tasha responded, “You’re not shy of that anymore.”

Tasha and her team sent notices out to their clients to advocate for the need. They asked everyone to be on the lookout for deals and Black Friday sales. Within about two weeks, the Mama Bear Team gathered everything SHP needed.

“Our office started getting inundated with pillows and comforters,” Tasha says. “We had to ask our owner to donate the space in our training room to put all of the supplies that kept arriving.”

The Mama Bear Team was hooked. During the summer, they went to a National Build Day where they got to participate in making the beds from scratch. Once a quarter, the team participates in bed delivery days. These days pull on Tasha’s heartstrings because she gets to give a warm place to sleep to kids who've never had a bed before.

“We’ve taught 11-year-old kids how to make a bed for the first time because they’ve never had the opportunity,” she says.

It all ties in with The Mama Bear Team’s mission to fiercely protect their clients with every move. Tasha is invested in putting her clients’ needs first—much as a mother would.

“Plus, I’m 6’1'', so I have the stature of a large animal. The name fits!” Tasha jokes.

According to Tasha, buying a home is the largest financial decision many people will make during their lifetime, so she has 16 professional designations after her name, a repertoire she refers to as alphabet soup.

“I can only serve your needs when I understand what your needs are. I take the time to ask and I further my education so I can represent my clients to the best of my ability,” Tasha says.

How to Get Involved with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Denver

There is currently a one-year waiting list for a child to get a bed in Colorado. This is largely because the Denver chapter doesn’t have a designated space to store materials and build beds. They are dependent on space from contributing corporations and volunteers. A major way to further the mission of Sleep in Heavenly Peace is to provide a consistent location for operations. Something as small as a 250 square-foot office to store materials and bedding would be significant support.

If you would like to get involved in another way, monetary and material donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate pillows, sheets and comforters to The Mama Bear Team. If you purchase any donations online, Tasha welcomes you to ship them directly to her office at 383 Inverness Pkwy Suite 140, Englewood, CO 80112. You can also sign up to be a corporate sponsor or volunteer your labor at Lowe's has even pledged to donate $2 million to SHP when the nonprofit reaches  200,000 volunteers!

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