Small Space, Huge Impact

Outer Space Builds Luxury, Compact Free-Standing Units so Homeowners Can Get Their Life Back

You never know what might happen when neighbors walk their dogs together. In the case of Jennie Rosenberg and Bruce Lerman, frequent neighborhood strolls with their canine companions during Covid led to the launch of a new company.

“Bruce was in the home-renovation and home-flipping business and I worked for the Olympics,” Jennie says. “When the Olympics were postponed, I found myself out of a job with time on my hands. Bruce knew how to build and I knew marketing and communications and how to make creative spaces and we came up with an idea of what everyone needed now. Everyone struggled with how to make life work and how to maintain order and calm and stay productive. We thought if we could create small relaxing spaces, what would that look like?”

They created Outer Space, a company that delivers privacy, productivity and well-being in 120-200 square feet. These free-standing units are located on a homeowner’s property, steps from their home. Clients use them as offices, yoga studios, gyms, movie rooms, teen lounges and more.

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