Smooth as Glass

The Glass Guru of Mason completes glass projects of all kinds for local homes.

Mason’s Glass Guru is an excellent local resource for glass repair, replacement and custom projects. A full-service glass company, they install the highest quality, name-brand replacement glass products. 

“I started The Glass Guru because I enjoy helping our community and wanted to build something that would allow my family more freedom,” local franchise owner Lisa Chambers tells us.

Their certified technicians provide a number of specialty services that aren’t offered by most other glass shops.

“What sets us apart from others is we give free estimates, we are knowledgeable and give prompt service,” Lisa explains. “We are pretty friendly too,” she adds. 

Glass Guru handles much more than just windows. They also specialize in replacement glass, showers, doors, tabletops, shelves, screens and more. Mirror and pet door installation have become very popular projects within the last two years. 

“We have been installing mirrors for home gyms a lot since COVID,” Lisa tells us. “The benefit of a custom mirror is that you have a mirror that fits your space perfectly.” 

Beyond installation, they can also refresh damaged mirrors by cutting them down or adding a frame of the clients choosing. 

“We can take a mirror that has damaged spots on the edges and put a custom frame around it to give it a new look,” Lisa describes. 

As people increasingly started working from home, pet doors became an easy option for pet owners to allow their pets to go in and out on their own without having to step away from their work. 

“For pet doors, we measure the glass and the size of the pet to determine what size door you need,” Lisa explains, “They’re nice because they allow your pet to enjoy both indoors and outdoors freely.”

Those interested in receiving glass work in their home or business can contact The Glass Guru at 513.503.3145 for a free estimate. 

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