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Cristina Villegas' kitchen. (Photo: Tomira Wilcox)

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Snooping Around Town

Designport Takes Nosy Neighbor to the Next Level

Westport is an interior design mecca. Just look at the array of destination design shops thriving here: from the California-cool neutral palette of Jenny Kayne, to the saturated colors and lacquer finishes at Tailored Home, to the earthy global eclecticism of Bungalow, to the iconic modern clean lines at Design Within Reach - our styles run the gamut.

If you’ve ever met someone interesting and wondered what’s behind their front door, you’re not alone. That curiosity is the motivation behind Saturday and Sunday “Snoops,” a regular feature on Designport, a website and Instagram feed devoted to all things local design (including tips, makeovers, and lists.)

The original Facebook group, Designport, is a hub for members to ask advice and share recommendations. I created it to fulfill my own personal need for home design companionship: I wanted advice from design-loving friends who wouldn’t think I was a weirdo for obsessing over things like shades of white, knob styles, and finding the perfect chairs. 

As Designport has grown, I’ve become a different kind of weirdo; one who has spent the past year and a half stalking homes and knocking on doors and garden fences with my production partner Annie Ford, iPhone in hand, searching for creative homeowners with interesting design stories.

In addition to the fun of peeking into someone's home, there’s information to glean on how people work with what they have, overcome obstacles (i.e. pesky columns, low ceilings), reuse and repurpose pieces, make mistakes, find the right experts to help make their vision real, and all the rest that goes into the often angst-inducing process of making a house a home.

While we love to highlight the work of professional interior designers and architects on the feed, the "Snoops" are generally homeowner-designed and -led, to reveal the personality of the person who lives there.

Here are seven of our favorites:

Who: Cristina Villegas, owner of Casa Yoya kids concept store, interior designer and stylist

Why: Villegas’ gut renovation took this older home from night to day while retaining its eclectic charm. The white-washed walls and floors combined with Villegas’ flair for pairing Danish modern furniture pieces with Moroccan rugs and modern art results in a true ‘swoon’ moment.

Who: Shannon Vindiola, owner of Yozo Studio

Why: Texas transplant Shannon Vindiola couldn’t find the right house so she designed and built her own modern version of a saltbox colonial. As the owner and artist of a bespoke letterpress shop, she operates out of her home studio. Her clean, graphic sensibility and artistic talent are evident in every room of her playful, warm home. 

Who: Jackie Fucigna, owner of the No. 299 Shops

Why: This home welcomes you in with a sweet mix of old and new. Jackie gut-renovated her small home and made so many smart choices. One can’t help but be inspired by her combination of Target chairs, draped with the perfect throws, sharing space with a vintage fire cabinet from Monger’s Market. 

Who: Andi Sklar, co-chair of Pink Aid, football fangirl

Why: This sleek, white, modern home falls into the ‘aspirational’ category, its bright, bold Miami-vibes reflecting the fun-loving attitude of its football-loving owner. Leave it to Andi to accessorize with candy. 

Who: Jerri Graham, lifestyle photographer

Why: Rentals need love, too, and Jerri is the queen of changing up her scene to suit her mood. Her home is filled with mementos from her body of work, furniture on wheels, second-hand finds, and plants galore.

Who: Jenn Falik, television personality and creator of “The Ultimate Edit”

Why: Whites and neutrals aren’t for everyone and sometimes it’s fun to go over-the-top. This room, designed by Falik’s husband, wows with a wallpapered ceiling and contains a jewel-encrusted deer-head. It’s a party waiting to happen.

Who: Amy Guzzi, personal stylist 

Why: New England never goes out of style. Amy’s traditional home is an homage to her ancestors, containing art and antiques from her Italian grandparents blended with classic pieces and modern accessories - a cozy, classic look.

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Westport is an interior design mecca. While the default look may be ‘coastal casual,’ our tastes are actually much more varied.

  • Cristina Villegas' kitchen. (Photo: Tomira Wilcox)
  • Amy Guzzi's living room. (Photo: Tomira Wilcox)
  • Andi Sklar's kitchen. (Photo: Tomira Wilcox)
  • Andi Sklar's Kitchen. (Photo: Tomira Wilcox)
  • Jackie Fucigna's living room. (Photo: Colleen Clear)
  • Jenn Falik's parlour room. (Photo: Tomira Wilcox Photo)
  • Cristina Villegas' living room.
  • Cristina Villegas' living room.
  • Shannon Vindiola's living room. (Photo: Colleen Clear)
  • Shannon Vindiola's kitchen. (Photo: Colleen Clear)
  • Shannon Vindiola's living room. (Photo: Colleen Clear)
  • Jerri Graham's house (Photo: Jen Berniker)