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Online shopping is mostly safe. Sure – you might make a mistake here and there, such as ordering a sweater to give to your wife only to discover that it is made for a toy dog. Fortunately, most poorly advised online purchases aren’t life-altering setbacks. Just save the weird stuff you don’t want for a white elephant gift exchange. That’s what weird stuff you don’t want is for.

But do you know what is a life-altering setback? Buying a terrible mattress. You’re at horrendous risk of enjoying zero good sleepy times if you order a mattress that isn’t up to the incredibly high standards of an average Eden Prairie Lifestyle reader. You don’t want a mattress that you’ve only seen in a thumbnail. You don’t want one that you’ve only lain on for two minutes at the store, either!

No. You want a mattress that is scientifically proven to be ideal for your one-of-a-kind anatomy. Every pressure point accounted for. Supportive precisely where it needs to be. So cozy that you can’t help but be swallowed whole by sweet, restorative shuteye each and every night.

Online shopping is mostly safe. But when you’re talking about shopping for a mattress – which is unarguably the most important thing you can own – only Snooze Mattress Company of Bloomington will do.

Dream Mapping

Snooze Mattress Company takes all the guesswork out of choosing a mattress. Once you lie down on their state-of-the-art Dream Mapping machine, an astounding 1,600 sensors will read and record every pressure point on your body. Dream Mapping is the same dynamic pressure technology implemented by NASA, Ferrari and the Mayo Clinic. Snooze Mattress Company just uses it for the best purpose: recommending the mattress that’s perfectly suited to the unique angulation of your spine.

Leading Brands

Snooze Mattress Company doesn’t just identify your perfect mattress. Thanks to their partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers, they also make your perfect mattress immediately available. With mattresses by Malouf, Sealy, Snooze Sleep, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, and many more, Snooze Mattress Company gives you almost as many options as any Google search could manage.

“Tempur-Pedic is by far our most popular brand,” said Adam Hempler, owner and certified sleep coach. “Personal Comfort, which introduced the original smart bed in 1988, makes fully customizable sleep much easier on our customers’ wallets than the other ‘number mattress’ that came after it. Right now, I’m most excited about Puffy. Ours is the first Minnesotan retailer to carry Puffy’s unbelievably comfortable bedding, and we’re already changing the lives of soft mattress lovers across the metro!”

Create Your Snoozetopia

“We don’t just want to introduce you to your perfect mattress,” Adam continued. “Our goal is to build your snoozetopia. The adjustable base that provides optimal spinal alignment. The pillow that keeps your neck and shoulders suspended weightlessly. Even the sheets that feel best against your skin. We have all these instruments of pleasure in stock so you can customize a bed you’ll never want to get out of.”

Snooze Mattress Company’s zero percent financing means you can usher in a new era of contentment today. Thanks to their 365-day guarantee, you can get a 100 percent refund within 120 days of purchase (or lesser exchange value afterward). And if you’d like to complete your bedroom with a little additional furniture shopping, Snooze Mattress Company’s 50” Wondersign touchscreen kiosk puts thousands of options right at your fingertips.

Built on a Dream

“Not many small businesses can trace their roots back to reality television,” said Adam. “Snooze Mattress Company is one of those special few.

“My then-fiancée and I were inspired to become entrepreneurs while watching Undercover Billionaire, a show where already established tycoons are challenged to build million-dollar businesses from scratch. I especially enjoyed it when Grant Cardone, who was one of the contestants, partnered up with Matt Smith, the founder of Snooze Mattress Company, to build a marketing company valued at $10 million in just 90 days.

“Once we got married, we figured it was now or never. We just needed the right start. By pure chance, that’s when I stumbled across a Facebook ad promoting Snooze Mattress Company’s franchising opportunities. We were immediately drawn to all the ways they were revolutionizing the sleep industry, so we decided to take the plunge.

“Unfortunately, that’s also around the time I came down with lymphoma. Getting an SBA loan is hard enough when you’re healthy. But when you’re going through chemo and radiation – and no one wants to give you the life insurance policy you need in order to secure an SBA loan – it becomes almost impossible. 

“I was on the verge of giving up when Matt Smith himself gave me a call. ‘It might take everything you’ve got,’ he said, ‘but at the end of the day, you gotta bet on yourself. It’s only over when you say it’s over.’

“So I soldiered on. And we found a great local bank that would give us a loan. And we signed a lease on an awesome location in the heart of Bloomington. And we had our grand opening last year on July 22nd, which is also my birthday. And who walks in through the front door? Matt Smith, who came all that way to congratulate me in person.

“It took a lot to get here … but now, here we are! We’re helping Minnesotans enjoy the best sleep of their lives, hosting regular events to raise money for the Bloomington Athletic Association, and well on our way to achieving our American dream.”

Stop by 3701 W Old Shakopee Road, Suite 700 in Bloomington to discover your perfect mattress, or visit snoozemattresscompany.com to learn more!

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