So You Said Yes! Now What?

Snag your venue!

 Valentine's has always been a popular holiday for engagements, but it's become the most favored day to pop the question since the pandemic. Couples typically begin planning their wedding a couple of months after, and venues have become the most challenging step to navigate. Many are booked solid for a year or two because COVID created a backlog of weddings that were postponed until now. 

We leaned into Tramway Plaza event specialists to pinpoint important considerations for picking a wedding venue. Tramway Plaza hosts weddings, private parties, and corporate events, so they have a wealth of experience planning successful events. 

According to our experts, it is of utmost importance to carefully consider the experience for your guests. Unless you have an outdoor wedding, brides-to-be might opt for smaller weddings if precautionary measures for their guests' wellbeing are of concern. Additionally, evaluate the ease of parking, bathroom access, and other essential amenities that will impact guests' comfort. Will the venue supply tables and chairs for guests or is this another detail you will have to figure out? 

Catering is a trend that continues to grow. Caterers are great because most will create a cost-effective and yummy menu. Ensure the venues you consider have enough space and the proper kitchen and necessities for your caterer. Evaluate whether the space flows smoothly and won't' impede your caterer's ability to have food ready and served promptly. It's a valuable perk when a venue like Tramway Plaza can offer the use of indoor and outdoor kitchens. Hangry guests are never fun.

Are you thinking about hiring a DJ or a band? Do your venues have enough space for live performers, decorations and an area guests can dance? Do you want to project photos or videos during your event? Some venues have very outdated technology, which can delay the setup process on your wedding day. Make sure a venue can support your entertainment and activities. Then, of course, scope the space and consider how to decorate and tailor it to your wedding style. The ambiance is everything when crafting a wedding experience you and your guests will relish. 

Finally, consider any extra perks about the venue. Are there spectacular views and both indoor and outdoor space available for use? For example, a beautiful backdrop of the Sandias can make for some fantastic photos. Does your venue offer additional services that you know will make your day more manageable or more memorable? Can they connect you with services you need and are having difficulty obtaining? 

Booking appointments to view venues and talk with staff now is essential. Go into meetings prepared to discuss your must-haves and wishlist items for your special day. Take lots of notes and don't skip any questions. 

Tramway Plaza is now open and is scheduling weddings (and other events). Call and speak with their experts and see if they can help you tackle the most significant task of your wedding planning adventure. 

214.729.2202 tramwayplaza.com events@tramwayplaza.com

Congratulations and best of luck creating your perfect day!

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