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Social Media Workout Challenges


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

When you can't go to the gym and are stuck doing your workouts at home, it's easy to lose your motivation. Maybe you liked taking fitness classes because the energy of the group being all in it together made you feel like you could push yourself more. Maybe you looked forward to your daily chats with your best friend on the ellipticals together.

To keep your at-home workouts from getting boring, try some of these social media fitness challenges to mix things up. I've had a lot of fun making time-lapse videos of myself doing my workouts and tagging my friends in Instagram stories to do the same thing. It's easier to do it when you know you're going to share it with people!

Spell Your Name + Do The Workout

I found this one through one of my fellow yoga teacher friends on Instagram tagging me in her video. Since my name is spelled H-A-Y-L-E-Y, I did 30 jumping jacks, 15 pushups, 12 jumping lunges, 12 burpees (so glad there's only one L in my name!), a 60-second wall sit and 12 more jumping lunges.

You can just do your first name, or you can make your workout even more intense by adding your last name—maybe even your middle name or maiden name! Go crazy!

'See 10, Do 10' Viral Challenge

"The challenge is as simple as it sounds: Do 10 pushups, then tag as many friends as you'd like and challenge them to do the same. If you get tagged yourself, keep the trend going and have some fun with the exercise!"

—Kerry Breen, Today

This challenge is fun because celebrities are even hopping on the trend. Make it extra creative by adding a child on your back, or maybe a pet. Bonus points for one-arm pushups and other variations!

#CrowExotic Challenge

If yoga and balancing exercises are more your speed, there's a challenge for you too. Inspired by the massively famous Tiger King series on Netflix, this yoga studio is challenging people to take a picture of them holding crow pose in the most creative way they can think of. No tigers are required!

"Whether you get the joke or not, we know you're all looking for things to do or reasons to (safely!) get out of the house. So, we want all you cool cats and kittens to unleash your WILD side with our #CrowExotic Challenge! How? Until April 29, strike a crow pose anywhere you please... on your kitchen table, on your patio, with your cat on your back (bonus points for this one), on the roof of your car. You do it, we wanna see it! Share your photos on your stories and/or your Instagram feed, tag us and use the hashtag #CrowExotic. We'll repost as many as we can so you ALL get your 15 minutes of fame just like Joe, Carole and the whole gang."


Also check out Power Life's free live yoga classes on YouTube!

If you do any of these challenges, tag me on Instagram so I can see! And feel free to tag @citylifestyle as well.


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