Start With the Sofa Guy & End With a Home

As the owners of The Sofa Guy, Paul and Holly Trent have made it their mission to provide a long-lasting, extraordinary experience for clients in a warm, friendly and knowledgeable environment.

“A sofa is the heart of a room, and we put our heart into everything we do—bridging the gap between an interior design firm and a furniture store,” says Paul Trent.

Like a furniture store, “we have many pieces of quality furnishings for our clients to choose from,” he explains. As a design studio, “we creatively use our pieces to help our clients create a complete package of comfort and style for their home. We start with a sofa and end with a home.”

Collaboration is also part of the process.

“We love to guide our clients through a creative journey—discovering their ideal comfort level, style and fabric—which ultimately leads to determining the perfect size for the space,” he says. “The process can be as simple or complex as our clients want, but always fun, at least from our perspective.”

For instance, some clients point to a sofa and say, “I want that.”

“Others request house calls, detailed drawings, a large variety of fabric selections, cushion fillings…the fun stuff.”

Currently, the most popular piece for clients is the cozy, comfy family room sectional that “promotes family unity, and allows for hours of binge watching their favorite shows.”

The most popular service is “the old-fashioned house call.”

“This service guarantees that any piece we make will actually fit the space,” Paul explains. “It also helps coordinate colors, gives us an understanding of our clients’ personal style and often leads to helping our clients complete the design of their space with rugs, coffee or end tables, lamps, artwork…which we offer through or TSG Interior Design program.”

Flashback to 1996, when the Trent couple opened their first furniture store with a business partner in Venice Beach called Philip Paul Designs. From the original store in Venice Beach, they changed their name to Welcome Home Interiors.

“When we described what we do, people would say, ‘Oh the Sofa Guy!’” Holly Trent recalls. “Paul got that so often we finally gave in. We figured it’s simple, memorable and a little goofy; but then again, so is Paul. We embraced the moniker and today we are The Sofa Guy, Inc.”

The Trent couple moved their business to Thousand Oaks in 2003.

“I actually started out of my garage,” Paul remembers. “I would go to clients’ homes with fabrics and pictures, have my guys build the pieces and then personally deliver them in my pick-up truck.”

Now located at 2520 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., “our showroom is intimate by design,” Paul emphasizes. “At 3,400 square feet, we are able to show plenty of variety without experiencing the big box store blues.”

Additionally, “we have a team of designers and back of the house professionals that do not work on commission. That too is by design—I never want anyone to feel as if they are being ‘sold.’ We are about the project, the client’s needs, the most pleasant purchasing experience and amazing outcomes.”

Looking back, “this business has been blessed beyond my dreams,” he adds.  

“I work with an amazing staff; our clients range from billionaires to bus drivers, and our projects range from reupholstering an outdoor seat cushion to designing and furnishing a 20,000-square-foot beach house.”

Above all, “my prayer is that the generosity of spirit we receive is recycled back into our business, community and personal relationships.”   

The Sofa Guy is located at 2520 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd in Thousand Oaks. For more information, call 805.345.2631, email info@thesofaguy.com TheSofaGuy.com.

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