Solutions Over Sales

Medina County's real estate market has remained strong throughout the spring and summer of 2022. The demand for property is high and existing homeowners have immense buying power.

But in the midst of this historically hot real estate market, buyers and sellers in Northeast Ohio and beyond are facing unprecedented concerns — concerns that local real estate agent Heather Srodek makes a priority to understand and address. 

Heather Srodek is an experienced full-time Broker Associate and residential REALTOR® with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. She has over 16 years of experience in the industry as well as more than $160 million in career sales volume. Lastly, Heather has a passion for creating enduring relationships with her clients — an element that makes her standout has a personable and respectable businesswoman in Northeast Ohio.

In recent months, Heather has noticed that one of the greatest concerns she's seen in her sellers is the fear of the unknown. She says, "Those who are looking to buy [a new home] and sell [their current home] are apprehensive to list prior to finding a place to land."

To address these concerns, Heather stays in communication with her clients and makes their voices feel heard during every conversation while working with them to devise a plan that reduces their stressors and makes the move they're dreaming of a possibility. 

When it comes to buyers, Heather says many of her clients have concerns over the uncertainty of securing a home or overpaying for a home. To help buyers with these concerns, Heather chats with them about their buying power. 

Heather says, "I take the time to discuss the process from all sides. When combined with a consultation with one of my lender partners, they gain the confidence needed to make a calculated and educated decision that works best for them."

A part of Heather's business approach — and what makes her a successful REALTOR® — is that she focuses on service over selling. She says, "I aim to offer a solution to their needs. I empathize and appreciate what they are trying to accomplish. Trust is the key to building a successful relationship and it is earned every step along the way."

When combined with her reputation and level of experience, this approach not only builds and strengthens relationships with existing clients but with referrals as well. According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2021 Member Profile Report, 34% of a REALTORS® nationwide business is a result of past clients and referrals combined. Heather experienced a whopping return of 82% in 2021.

This statistic is in part due to Heather's recent certification to become a transformational coach. She says, "As a proponent of personal and professional growth, I was called to coaching during the height of the pandemic. I have been mentoring, coaching, consulting and training over the course of my career and I found myself drawn to seek another level of purpose and clarity in my life." 

Heather explains that becoming a coach has positively impacted her methods as a REALTOR® by helping her streamline her processes and adapt to the constant evolution of the real estate industry. 

To get in touch with Heather, email her at HeatherSrodek@HowardHanna.com or call her at 216.544.7171. 

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