Some Dreams Are So Powerful They Become Real

How to Grow Your Business Without Adding to Your 'To Do' List

Jillian Phifer is one of the most gifted brand whisperers we know, so we asked her to share three ways to grow a business without adding to your “to do” list.

People First, ROI Second.

As a small business owner myself, I can honestly say that money is not the best motivator. If we focus on helping people, the money will come. At Very Good Marketing Co., we focus on doing whatever we can, for whomever we can, in order to have a positive impact on our local community. Using that model alone, we’ve grown more than we imagined in our first year in business.

Slow Down Before You Speed Up.

Success is in the details, and you can’t grow your business or your influence if you don't have the proper systems in place. Think through your customers’ experience from the first moment they walk into your shop or restaurant, or see your website. Is it easy to find what they are looking for? When someone discovers your business, how long does it take before you personally interact with them? Success comes from always seeing through the customers’ eyes from discovery to sale and service.

Trust the Process.

Business building is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, there is never enough time in the day to get it all done, but if you take each day, one hour at a time, your consistency will bear fruit. Show up for your customers every day, and focus on what will make their day.  You wouldn't have a business if you weren't solving a problem that needed solving, so lean into your natural superpower and focus on helping, not selling. Then, they’ll tell others.


From dream to reality, Very Good Marketing Co. (VGMC) serves small to mid-sized businesses looking to solve specific marketing problems. Do you need a logo or website that clarifies and enhances your brand? Do you struggle to grow your social media channels? Does your website convert visitors into customers?

VGMC was formed to be the kind of marketing support team growing businesses need. We think of our customers as “members” and believe our membership model helps businesses obtain the informed marketing expertise and resources they need, when they need it. Can we help you? The first half hour of consultation is free, so why not find out?

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