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How One Local Doctor is Pursuing the Health of Many

Dr. Kathy Chance has been a practicing gynecologist in the Augusta area for 25 years and recently opened Profile by Sanford. She and her husband, Dr. Don Talley, have four children: Connor, Collin, Christopher, and Lacey Kate. 

What have you found to be the most important part of your medical practice?

When I went into practice, I remember saying that I felt like the most important part of my job was to work in partnership with my patients and educate them so that they could make informed decisions about their health care.

What has been the most common issue your patients face?

What I’ve discovered over the years is that one of the biggest concerns that people have, particularly women, has to do with their weight. Not only is weight important for their self-esteem and everyday life, it’s also important in the way they relate to their families. Women feel it’s very important for them to be good role models for the people around them and their children. I felt that if I could help them lose weight, it would help them do all those things, but even more importantly, it would help them get healthy and stay healthy.

How have you helped your patients address this issue?

My patients come in and we talk for 20-30 minutes...about nutrition, cutting back calories, portion control, and increasing activity level...But I’ve known for a long time that in order for patients to be successful, the education, encouragement, and accountability have to come on a regular basis.

What have you found to be a good solution for long-term weight loss?

A friend pointed out Profile by Sanford about a year ago. After some prayer and discussions with my husband, we decided to bring Profile by Sanford to Augusta. 

At Profile, we do one on one coaching and create nutrition plans that are individualized based on someone’s needs, desires, medical history, and genetics. Clients meet with a coach on a regular basis, and we work on weight loss through lifestyle change and education.

How does Profile by Sanford work?

During the first meeting, we find out their “why” for wanting to lose weight, and we explain the program: the nutrition, the reasons we base the plan on medical history, and how genetics comes into play. We want to make sure it’s a good fit and that they are excited and committed to the program. If they are excited, we get started right away building their plan. 

Do you work with physicians? 

This can be an individual program, but it’s also built in a way that we can partner with that person’s physicians and help them reach those goals.

Does Profile by Sanford use meal replacements or other weight loss tools?

Our idea is not to have someone eat a meal replacement in the long run, but in the short run, it’s the most effective way to bring their calories down, see success on the scale, and make sure they are getting necessary nutrition. Our goal is to create a meal plan for them that involves no replacement foods, just good healthy foods from the grocery store. We want to help them create lifestyle changes so that they can maintain it forever. 

For more information on Profile by Sanford, visit ProfilePlan.com/Augusta or call 706.717.6506.

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