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A dentist for ALL the people at Market Place Dentistry

Growing up with a younger brother with autism taught Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker not only to be compassionate, but also how to navigate a health system that more easily benefits neuro-typical patients. Now, as a dentist and owner of Market Place Dentistry in Roswell, she has created a practice that beautifully serves people on the spectrum, as well as patients who appreciate and rely on a more comfortable dental visit. 

Growing up with autism in her family, she understands the sensory triggers - bright lights, loud noises, tastes, funny smells and laying on the back. “My first rule is to presume confidence, look the patient in the eye, and explain what they are experiencing. I will dim the lights and just use my glasses light,” she says. Her office has noise-cancelling headphones and weighted blankets. “It helps people feel comfortable and lets them know where their body is. I’m also willing to try new things to help patients.”

She has done dental cleaning on the couch in the lobby and has trained her staff to presume confidence, be acutely aware of sensory issues, and make the appointment a welcoming experience. She explains, “In the special needs community, that’s usually not the case, in general.” She is certified to offer care in local hospitals, if necessary. Her team is also happy to break up treatment in manageable chunks so it doesn’t feel overwhelming to her patients.

She has an all-female practice, with women of all ages in the office. “We are all trying to help one another succeed and it’s very special,” says Dr. Blankenship.

She purchased the practice in March of 2021, three weeks after giving birth to their second daughter. “It was a great opportunity. My husband has been so supportive, letting me get sleep and helping in every way.”

Growing up in a small town that supported its local businesses, she fell in love with Roswell for its downtown and cohesive community. She renovated the office building, which resembles a favorite friend’s home, with a crisp exterior with new shutters and lovely updated interior. Not like any other dentist office I’ve ever seen! “I updated all the technology and have a vision to build a completely sensory friendly operatory for our special needs patients.”

Dr. Blankenship-Sniker also helped to build and open ReClif in Peachtree Corners, a fitness-based therapy center for adults and children with autism and other disabilities.

She and her husband Aaron have two young daughters, Rhodes and Ives. 

Market Place Dentistry

380 Market Place, Suite 200, Roswell


“My first rule is to presume confidence, look the patient in the eye and explain what they are experiencing. I will dim the lights and just use my glasses light."

Dr. Blankenship-Sniker

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