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Soulful Sweets from Norman Love Confections

LOVE is in the air

Chocolate has become tan iconic, and certainly most appreciated, way to say “I love you,” and the type of chocolate presented to that someone special  can make a supreme statement of love and affection. 

“Demand for premium chocolate is at an all-time high,” said chocolatier Norman Love, founder and owner of Norman Love Confections. “As is the desire to give those we love something that engages the senses, I anticipate demand for artisanal, high-quality, ultra-premium chocolates to continue to be a favorite for Valentine’s Day gifting again this year.”

With chocolate emerging as the favorite way to express emotion, Norman Love Confections develops an exclusive line of delectable chocolates for major holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas. The 2020 Valentines Collection features 10 distinct flavors: Caramel Passionfruit (milk chocolate: caramel, passionfruit and white chocolate ganache), Peanut Butter Caramel (milk chocolate: creamy peanut butter and caramel), Mango Orange (white chocolate: mango, orange and white chocolate ganache), Raspberry Marzipan (dark chocolate: raspberries and almond marzipan), Lemon Raspberry (white chocolate: tart lemon and raspberry), Chipotle Lime (dark chocolate: lime ganache and smoky chipotle), Coffee Hazelnut (milk chocolate: hazelnut praline and coffee), Dark Chocolate Strawberry (dark chocolate: chocolate covered strawberry), Pineapple Rum (white chocolate: fresh pineapple with dark rum) and Vanilla Rum (dark chocolate: Tahitian vanilla and spiced rum).

Other decadent Valentine’s Day options at Norman Love Confections including desserts for sharing and chocolate-covered strawberries available only at the chocolatier’s salons in Fort Myers, Estero and Naples. The Valentine’s Day Collection, as well as beautifully packaged Gift Towers, Mystery Boxes and other specialty items, are available in store and online.

“At Norman Love Confections, it’s our busiest, most celebrated time of year and we are honored to be part of capturing hearts on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year,” said Love.