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A Little Doggone Magic

Welcoming You And Your Pup With Open Paws

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Phillip Barone, Don Seaman

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

I probably have the world’s only Labrador that’s afraid of water. Most dogs love it — you’ve likely seen plenty of videos of the canine joy when dog meets water. But mine? The worst thing you can say to him is “Charlie…bathtime!” 

So faced with the prospect of having to endure another tortuous bathing event, I called Beautified Breeds in Pompton Plains to let the pros handle it. 

Alexandra, the owner of the shop, didn’t blink about Charlie’s anxiety. “You just take it slow if a dog is nervous” she explains. She exudes calm; there’s no doubt it puts the dogs at ease.

She and her mom, Ann Marie, form a great team at Beautified Breeds. Charlie agrees. Alexandra confidently picked up my 65-pound dog and placed him into the tub. He uncharacteristically didn’t struggle. As Ann Marie was gently giving him a bath, she took her time and it was the easiest bath I’ve ever seen him endure. He didn’t even squawk when being blown dry. 

I was witnessing a canine miracle. And absolutely grateful for it.

Alexandra’s been grooming for over eight years now. She and her mom are both certified groomers. Ann Marie followed her daughter into the business as she opened her shop in 2020, just the right time for all those pandemic pets who needed some attention. 

They love what they do. They’ll tell you as much, but it’s not necessary. You don’t go into this simply to start a business. You might open a yogurt shop because you see an opportunity. You become a groomer because of your love and care of pets. For Alexandra and Ann Marie, it’s their love. And they get to share it together.

In a crowded field (there are five groomers along with them on Newark-Pompton Turnpike alone), Beautified Breeds stands out. They’re family here, and treat your beloved pet as family. I’ve never seen such a nervous dog so relaxed. 

Each client who comes in leaves with a festive bandana tied around their neck and a homemade doggie treat Alexandra bakes herself (her second passion). 

Dogs don’t have an exclusive here, either. They’ll do cats there as well, so your feline family members will get the same gentle treatment as their puppy brethren. Sorry, horse owners, you’re on your own. She may be strong, but there’s no way Alexandra’s lifting THAT into her tub.

Beautified Breeds can be found at 583 Newark Pompton Turnpike in Pequannock (

  • A clean and happy Charlie!