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Spa Nights

Sutera Spa celebrates 20 years of steam showers and slippers

The divine smell of delicious fragrances and luxury products hits you as you walk into Sutera Spa. This is a direct result of the last 20 years they have spent in Flower Mound. “After 20 years, It’s infused in the walls,” says Stacey Maness, owner of Sutera Spa. We were the first spa in the area, Stacey explains, glancing around at her beautifully textured walls and beautiful stonework of the door frames. Toward the back rooms, a small stone fountain trickles against the wall, adding to the ambiance of the halls.

“We have three esthetic rooms,” she explains, opening doors in the hallways to reveal a couples room and several massage rooms. Inside the women’s locker, Stacey rearranges the towel baskets and tidies the area around the multi-head shower. In the men’s locker room, she showcases the steam shower. Lilting music echoes throughout the tiled locker rooms. In the lounge area, a stunning yet subtle Tuscan sky dome rises in the ceiling, a cloudy sky of pastels over the heads of guests in the lounge. 

"Business is business,” Stacey says, “but what is your widget?” She gestures to the halls of the spa with its dream blue couch and high-backed chairs, “This is my widget. I've done lots of business classes and it doesn't matter what your business is. Find something that you're passionate about. I just love all things girly, all things pretty.” Stacey smiles, crossing her patent heels, “I love makeup, hair and clothes.” The joy of the industry shines in Sutera, from Stacey's beaming smile to the Tuscan sky over our heads. “This is really a business that makes people happy. You don't get angry people here. We make people feel good about themselves.” 

For 20 years now, Sutera has been working to not only boost the confidence of their customers but even help them feel better physically with massages and other treatments. But it all comes back to her team, Stacey says, raving more about the girls working beside her in the spa than herself. “I've been so very, very blessed here,” she says. “Most of my staff have been here for 10 to 12 years. I have a tremendous staff. We’re family. We fight and we make up and we move on.” She laughs, repeating, “I'm very, very blessed with my staff.” 

The depth of love for her staff and the spa’s existence as one of the first spas in the area are two of the things that make Sutera Spa so unique. “It's just the longevity of the staff that have been here. Very few people have staff that just stay and stay and stay.” Why do they stay though? The industry seems to be everchanging and yet Sutera, Stacey says, does things differently and intentionally. “Everybody here understands that they have a voice and that they matter. I have ideas for how I want the place to look and the direction. But all my staff gets input in everything we do, from our monthly specials to what treatments to bring on next. I'm very fortunate I have a lot of creative people here with me.”

The future of Sutera, Stacey says, looks like growing and pursuing excellence just as steadily as in the past. “I want to maintain the standard that we've created. We need to continue to grow just a little bit more.” Stacey explains the deep connection they have with connecting and growing, by continuing to ask, “How can we look more into the community?” Stacey herself has been active in the Rotary Club for 12 years. Their holiday party benefits a new charity every year such as Winning the Fight, the chosen charity of 2023, and 100 Women That Care, Stacey’s favorite charity.

For their 20-year celebration, Stacey is looking at hosting events with special deals. “There’s very few small businesses that can say that we’ve lasted. We have not just lasted, we’ve thrived for 20 years.”