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Lightshine Design Highlights Ways to Transform Kitchens and Bathrooms into Beautifully Designed Spaces

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by Rylie Fuline Photography

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

In the dynamic world of interior design, transforming a house into a home requires more than just selecting furniture and choosing paint colors. Homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces to new heights of beauty, functionality and personalization are increasingly turning to a powerful ally – the interior designer. 

Last year, Americans spent an estimated $418 billion in the third quarter alone on home remodeling, according to Statista. It’s no surprise that kitchen and bath makeovers top the list of priorities, as the return on investment (ROI) often adds resale value to a home. 

“Kitchens and baths are the hubs of the home. They are necessities of living, and if remodels are done well, they can give you the highest ROI when selling. They can also create a sanctuary for you to enjoy for years, even decades, while occupying your home,” says Sarah Linerode, interior designer at Lightshine Design in Massillon. 

The average cost of a simple kitchen renovation with the existing footprint averages $35,000 to $40,000, she explains. However, high-end, large-scale renovations that include a total overhaul can reach up to $125,000. 

Opening up spaces and adding an island or peninsula can transform the area into a family gathering spot. If looking to maximize other space, a growing trend is basement bars and gathering areas. 

Regardless of budget or project scope, an interior designer can accomplish a lot with a kitchen remodel, making cabinets a major focus. If a kitchen has quality cabinets that look good, sometimes it is more economical to install new countertops with a backsplash and paint. Colors, finishes and designs are often updated. Incorporating stains with paints can be an alternative to painting natural wood. An increase in lighter stains on cabinets is common.

“My expertise is in project management of custom designs and coordination and design details. For example, if people see an image of something they like in a custom kitchen like custom speakers, a paper towel holder hidden in the cabinet, etc., I bring that to life. The most interesting project I did was a custom over-the-range hood with a television hidden inside. I had to figure out how to hide the television and make it functional for cooking. We ended up working with the contractor to make it work. We push the envelope and help people figure out how to make their dreams become a reality,” Sarah says. 

Customers often seek assistance from interior designers in selecting popular fabrics, colors and other beautification ideas for their projects. Pinks and greens are trending colors for cabinetry, and various hues of green, including hunter and olive, are making a comeback. Soft whites and warmer tones are also popular now. Preferences indicate popularity is waning from whites and grays. 

If the bathroom requires more attention, the average price tag for a main bath renovation begins at $15,000. Depending on size and scope of a master bath renovation, the price tag can start at $20,000 and go up to $50,000 and higher. The size and materials combined with reworking the layout will be a factor in determining cost. 

“Interior designers ask the questions most customers don’t think to ask or aren’t aware of,” explains Sarah, who has spent the last decade working with homeowners on design. “We think through details of coordination, electrical and plumbing needs and timeline as well as creating a balanced design of function and aesthetic using various techniques.”

If looking to create an atmosphere for lounging or socializing, talk to the design team up front. Ask questions and request to see a portfolio of work. Check references and trust intuition to determine if the partnership is a good fit for your needs and lifestyle. Equally important is having a scope and vision of the project. Designers will help navigate to ensure the end result. 

Melanie Jacoby, owner of Lightshine Design, opened the showroom a couple years ago. She and her entire team can be the conduit to adhering to project timelines, serving as an intermediary between homeowners and builders while offering solutions that reflect the scope of the homeowners’ wishes. Whether a remodel focuses on incorporating timeless features or sustainability and eco-friendliness, clearly stating expectations up front is paramount. Designers can incorporate natural materials and energy-efficient appliances. 

Melanie and Sarah are available by appointment at the showroom at Lightshine Design, located at 2137 Wales Ave. NW, Unit 1, in Massillon. For more information, visit

When starting a home remodeling project, plan appliances first. They dictate the cabinet layout. Also consider cabinet accessories, such as wooden pull-out trays or utensil holders that maximize counter space. Good lighting, including under-cabinet lighting, recessed can lights and pendants over islands, is important. Finally, don’t get carried away by trends. Choose what you love. Many people will explore several options, but tend to revert back to their first selections.

"Kitchens and baths are the hubs of the home. They are necessities of living, and if remodels are done well, they can give you the highest ROI when selling. They can also create a sanctuary for you to enjoy for years, even decades, while occupying your home."

— Sarah Linerode, Lightshine Design

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