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From Integrated Surround Sound to Outdoor Oasis Connections, Alamo Electronics Has the Power (and the Chops)

Article by Amy Bailey

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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

The Picturesque

When your home decorating project requires a compromise between form and function, consider Samsung’s The Frame TV. Switching between television and artwork, it’s ideal in more formal rooms where versatility is key. The Frame’s construction hangs flush against the wall with hidden wiring, and the wraparound frame is changeable and customizable. Plus, it’s available in four options: black, light wood, dark wood and white. The Frame’s art and mat options can be customized to suit your color schemes and taste, too. Alamo Electronics’ Shawn Amann also notes the TV’s adaptive abilities.

“As the ambient light in the room goes down, the TV in artwork mode can dim,” he says.

Best of all, the Frame still has an exceptional 4K HDR display and quality sound, so you can watch the big game, crystal clear. When it’s over, switch back to your favorite piece of art, and let everyone wonder where the TV went. 

The Versatile 

Spending more time outdoors in the warmer months might mean you’re leaving your favorite baseball games or television shows behind. But with much more affordable options now available in outdoor TVs, simply bring the entertainment with you. Not just any TV can work outside. A true outdoor TV screen is temperature-regulated and much brighter than normal, with a casing proofed to resist snow, rain, insects and extreme temps. SunBriteTVs are available in screens for total shade to bright sun, they reduce glare, and they’re available in a variety of sizes. Whether you want to watch television while lounging by the pool mid-afternoon or relaxing by the fire pit in the evening, Alamo Electronics can help you choose and install the best SunBriteTV for your outdoor needs. 

The Cinematic

Enjoying a realistic, quality sound experience can lift your television viewing from good to amazing. Sonos has become synonymous with high-quality sound options, and their buildable and interchangeable system allows you to realize a sound experience you hadn’t thought possible.

“Sonos is a device that allows you to harness all services together and stream them through one app,” Shawn says.

The system can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, and when various speakers are placed around your house, they work together with your television or the app to broadcast anything from SiriusXM to TV programming across some or all of those speakers. Offering everything from sound bars with dedicated dialogue channels for your TV to small shelf-sized speakers for surround sound and individual room sound to sleek subwoofers, Alamo can help you build or add onto a Sonos system that’s just right for your audio needs. 

The Experience 

Getting it right, just the way you want it, at a competitive price: that’s what you’ll find at Alamo Electronics, located in Montgomery since 1953. The company’s roots are in innovative products and services they stand behind. Tim May, director of Integrated Solutions, says that with Alamo, customers can relax in knowing the job is done correctly and they won’t be abandoned once the job is finished.

“We're going to be out there in a reasonable time to maintain and service the things we've done.”

He also says their on-site inventory allows quick turnaround on projects—and their facilities are integral to their service.

“We have a showroom to come see new technology in an interactive setting. We have warehousing and a place for our custom audio/video techs to work out of, so they have top-of-the-line trucks and equipment.” –Tim May

For your audio/visual projects, Alamo can assist with plans for new builds, remodels and existing spaces. When planning, Alamo’s Rick Senger advises, “Before you start any kind of addition, remodel or outdoor living space project, you absolutely want to get your audio/video specialist involved early. The more planning, the better the end result. You'll be able to see the difference in the outcome.”

9572 Montgomery Road

513.791.2300, AlamoElectronics.com

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