Junior Class President Marissa Cortez at Celina High School Shares The Story Of Celina's First Dance For Students With Disabilities

Article by Marissa Cortez

Photography by Brooke Cortez

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

The idea of a Special Friends Prom was brought to me by a sweet girl named Jenna. The fact is that many students with disabilities do not get the opportunity to attend prom because of limitations, accommodations etc… I wanted to change that.

Finding teachers, students, and business owners to donate their time and energy to this initiative was easy. Celina is kind, giving, and selfless. Our community stepped up, helping make this event a reality. Two 29 on the Square graciously opened their doors for the Celina High School (CHS) Junior Class Officers and the FCCLA to decorate and prep for the big night. The 1st Annual Special Friends Prom was held April 30th. 

Seeing the students dressed up, dancing, and walking the red carpet was a wonderful sight that I wish more people could see. Knowing that these students got the opportunity to go to a dance centered around them is what Celina is all about. Being surrounded by a community that embraces each other and shows support to those who need is inspiring. Many good people answered a call to serve, and I am so grateful. The smiles and memories made that night are priceless.  

It would be amazing to get more involved next year so the Special Friends Prom becomes an annual event, bigger and better! If you are interested in helping or need more information, please send emails to micortez9@icloud.com. Together, let’s show everyone how big the heart of Celina truly is!

Thank you Marissa Cortez, Junior Class President at Celina High School, for sharing this story with us. If you have an editorial submission for print consideration, please submit to Barbara.Ireland@CityLifestyle.com

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