Spencer D. Shaw

CEO / Re-Bath

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?

Two things: As an Analyzer, I’m able to recognize shifts in the business well ahead of the curve which helps me navigate the business in my role as CEO and Visionary for the business. Secondly, as I recently wrote about in an online article for Recruiter.com, I hire smart people who can do their one component of the business much better than I can.  

What is the definition of success for you, personally and professionally? 

Success for me is health and health is important, physically, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.  Being unhealthy in any of these areas impacts [others] and you need all four for success.

Outside of work/profession, do you have skills or talents that most people do not know about?

Not really, I’m a fairly open book.  Outside of work, it’s less about being really good at one thing and more about experiencing many things.  Hanging with the family, seeing friends, golf, fly fishing, and hiking are all important to me, but just doing them is reward enough. I don’t concern myself with how talented I am at any one of them - it’s simply about enjoying the time I get to do them.

What are some causes you care about?

One thing I’ve been studying and paying close attention to is the use of plant-based medicines to cure conditions like addiction, PTSD, depression, etc.  While I’m lucky not to be afflicted with any of these conditions, I’ve had close family and friends who have [been], and I think some of the new research coming out of Johns Hopkins is going to be a game changer on this front.

Recognize shifts in the business Hire smart people Enjoying the time

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