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Spice Up Grilling

DIY Food Rubs Make Excellent Father's Day Gestures

A flavoring blend of herbs, salt, spices and sometimes sugar makes a delicious "rub." The dry combination is rubbed onto meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, enhancing flavor and providing a crispy crust. Spice rubs work best when the food is grilled, broiled, baked or roasted. As most of the ingredients in a spice rub have few calories, they’re a health alternative to heavy sauces or oily marinades.


  • Paprika, pepper and chili powder
  • Garlic, onion powder, dried basil and oregano
  • Chili peppers, lime juice, fresh garlic and cilantro
  • Oregano, thyme, pepper, coriander, onion powder
  • Tarragon, mustard, chive, chervil and fresh shallot


  1. Choose one of the flavor combinations here and mix equal parts of ingredients. 
  2. Pat rub over surface of food, ensuring it sticks.
  3. For stronger flavor, cover rubbed food and store in refrigerator to let the spicy flavors sink in.
  4. Grill/cook food according to preferred method.
  5. Spice rubs can be made in advance and stored in jar for up to six months in a cool, dry place.