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Keljik's offers beautiful and timeless Oriental rugs

Since 1899, Keljik’s Oriental Rugs has been dedicated to full service in the Oriental rug industry. Whether you are cleaning, repairing or purchasing, their knowledgeable staff can help. Keljik’s specializes in cleaning Oriental rugs, but their services extend to all types of area rugs and floor coverings. They offer several types of cleaning, but every rug is done individually while paying close attention to any spots or problems that might need special care. Rug sales, repairs and padding are also available.

Most true Oriental rugs are one of a kind and made of wool, and tend to outlast other types of floor coverings used in the home. Since wool is a natural fiber, it is a much healthier choice than carpet which oftentimes contains synthetic materials and chemicals.

Cleaning is recommended every 2-4 years depending on colors and traffic. This maintenance can extend the longevity of your rug for generations.

Before you shop, consider these helpful tips:

Get the rug first! Paint and wallpaper are then easier to match.

Measure for the largest and smallest size that will fit in your room.

Take note of any obstacles in the way, such as floor vents, radiators, and steps.

Think about the desired effect - formal or casual.

Have a basic color scheme that you like.

Understand the type of lighting and whether it’s natural or artificial.

Accommodate for the colors of your floors – light wood vs. dark wood

If the rug will be used in a dining room, it should be large enough so that the chairs can be pulled away from the table while still on the rug.

Keljik’s welcomes emails and phone calls for any questions.  

4255 Bryant Ave S. Minneapolis. Call 612-823-6338 or visit for more information.