Spiders and Termites and Ticks, Oh My!

Pestmaster of Richmond Solves Your Pest Problems

No one likes thinking about pests in their home. However, taking steps to ensure that these unwanted guests don’t move in is important to the short- and long-term maintenance of your property. Uncontrolled pests can contaminate your home with unhealthy pathogens. Some pests like mice, cockroaches, and flies contaminate your home by picking up germs and spreading them around the house. Others, such as ticks and mosquitoes, even carry dangerous diseases and can transmit them to humans or pets. Not only are common pests unhealthy, but they can be highly destructive. In fact, the subterranean termite alone is responsible for over $5 billion worth of damage to homes in the U.S. every year!

Unfortunately, keeping the house clean isn’t enough on its own to keep away all pests. Although sanitation plays a large role in pest management, most homes need to partner with a professional service to prevent pest infiltration and to ensure that pest infestations are found before it's too late and become extremely costly.

Thankfully, Pestmaster of Richmond can help you prevent and get rid of pests from your home or property. Justin Kendall, owner of Pestmaster of Richmond, is an Associate Certified Entomologist and serves on the Virginia Pest Management Association board. His team of licensed professionals are highly trained to inspect, identify, monitor, and choose the correct products and protocols, mix the products safely and properly, and apply them in the most environmentally responsible way. They make it a point to use pet and family friendly products and protocols.

Pestmaster is equipped to handle most pest issues. They make the process simple and affordable for their customers by offering three types of protection plans to address concerns inside your home, full-yard coverage, and around your foundation. A pest free home is healthier, safer, and less costly. If you currently have pests or suspect pests, call a professional for a thorough inspection. Book an appointment at:

Quick Tips

Rid Your Home of Stubborn Pests

1 / Home Maintenance Report

Look for signs of pests and identify probable risk areas. Call a trusted pest control company, such as Pestmaster, to complete a detailed Home Maintenance Report for your property.

2 / Reduce Risk Areas

Address any items that were identified in your Home Maintenance Report. Suggestions may include cleaning the gutters, replacing weather stripping, storing wood away from home, etc. 

3 / Termite Protection System

Rid your property of active termites and prevent new infestations. Just a few hundred dollars a year of termite protection can prevent tens of thousands of dollars caused by termite damage.

4 / Hire Pest Professionals

Pestmaster of Richmond is your full-service solution for preventing and removing common pests to protect your property and people year-round. Get a customized treatment plan today!

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