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Explore the Benefits of Water Aerobics with Bonnie Maxwell

It might be easy to dismiss water aerobics as an activity best suited to senior adults. Visiting one of instructor Bonnie Maxwell’s classes at Max Fitness in Aiken will quickly disavow you of that notion. Her senior adults do thrive in her high-energy/low-impact classes, as do the diverse group of women and men of all ages that are in the pool with them.

The benefits of water aerobics are hard to ignore. Because of the wonderful resistance of water, moving an aerobic workout to the pool not only increases cardiovascular fitness and burns calories but also builds strength, tones muscle and improves balance and stability. According to Bonnie, the resistance of the water is somewhat equivalent to lifting weights. And, all the benefits of water aerobics come without the wear and tear to the joints experienced with traditional land-based aerobic classes. That helps explain the appeal to older adults as well as individuals rehabbing from injury and anyone whose joints can live without the pounding they might get on the pavement or in other high-impact activities.

Bonnie sees water aerobics as a well-rounded program for overall good health. In addition to the physical benefits, her students see a positive contribution to their mental well-being. Her classes are fun and there is a social aspect to working out in the pool with your friends that continues out of the water. Bonnie’s students do lunch together once a month and plan special holiday and birthday celebrations.

The new year might be the perfect time to try a new workout with all the benefits of water aerobics. Max Fitness offers morning and evening classes throughout the week. You might even find yourself in a class with Bonnie Maxwell and her fantastic students. If you are sold on the water, but not sure about the aerobics piece, Max Fitness keeps a swim lane open even during aerobic classes.