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02 (Courtesy of Locust Lane Craft Brewery)

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Spooky Spirits

What Special Concoctions Will West Chester Establishments Be Serving?

01 West Chester Kildare's Irish Pub -- take Halloween to new levels.

02 Eat, drink and be scary at Locust Lane Craft Brewery with something like a Pumpkin Spice Porter or Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

03 Eerieness behind every drink; celebrate with Poison Apple Margaritas and Spooky Sunrises at Más Mexicali Cantina.

04 Witches' brew shots, slushies and jumbo cocktails from Ryan's Pub can satisfy ghouls. 

05 Don't let the holiday derail; instead, unwind at The Split Rail Tavern. 

06 Who needs fog machines when there's possibly fogging shot pitchers at Rams Head West Chester?

  • 01 (Courtesy of Kildare's Irish Pub)
  • 02 (Courtesy of Locust Lane Craft Brewery)
  • 03 (Courtesy of Más Mexicali Cantina)
  • 04 (Courtesy of Ryan's Pub)
  • 05 (Courtesy of The Split Rail Tavern)
  • 06 (Courtesy of Rams Head West Chester)